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Personal Information

Lady Isolde Corby
Isolde Curry, P.O. Box 1648, Enka, NC 28728; (828) 667-2601

Date of Birth: February 20
Occupation: Certified Law Enforcement Officer
Joined the SCA: In 1989 in the Canton of Hawkwood, Barony of the Sacred Stone, Atlantia
Joined House Corvus: In 1993.
Hobbies/Interests: Computers; Games; Music; John Grisham novels; Criminology; Law enforcement, maritime history.

Persona Background

Date of Birth: 1068
Occupation: Duellist-in-Training/Page
Place of Origin: Ireland - the Court of the Ui Neill

Interests in the Society

Heraldry; Rapier; Children's activities.

Awards Received in the Society

FEATHER OF THE PHŒNIX (Service), Barony of the Sacred Stone
(TE Bran and Eliska) - Tournament of the Blue Mountain - 07/16/94

AWARD OF ARMS, Kingdom of Atlantia
(HRM Cuan) - Hawkwood Country Faire - 04/12/97

(HE Adeliza) - Hawkwood Baronial Birthday - 04/26/08

AWARD OF THE GOLDEN DECRESCENT (Service), Barony of Hawkwood
(HE Deirdre) - Bride of the Hawkwood Howl - 10/22/11

Orders Received in the Society

Offices Held in the Society

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