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Personal Information

Lady Anne-Marie de Lucy
Anne Durham, 5909 Chisholm Trail, McKinney TX 75070; (434) 953-7495

Date of Birth: May 10
Occupation: Claims adjustor
Joined the SCA: At Mabinogi: Avalon on October 27, 2001.
Joined House Corvus: On Saturday, March 30, 2002 at Corvus Weekend in Charleston, SC.
Hobbies/Interests: Quilting, Brother Cadfael, Harry Potter, Bailey (her spoiled cat).

Persona Background

Date of Birth: 16th c.
Occupation: Dilettante
Place of Origin: France

Interests in the Society

Calligraphy and Illumination (just got the lefty calligraphy set), spending time with my friends.

Awards Received in the Society

FLAME OF THE PHNIX (Service), Barony of the Sacred Stone
(TE Kisaiya) - Tournament of the Golden Moon - 09/28/02

AWARD OF ARMS, Kingdom of Atlantia
(TRM Cuan and Padraigin) - Silver Chalice - 10/26/02

(TE Duncan and Eyrick) - Hawkwood Investiture - 06/19/04

Orders Received in the Society

ORDER OF THE OPAL (Service), Kingdom of Atlantia
(HRM Seonaid) - Hawkwood 3rd Baronial Birthday - 05/20/06

Offices held in the Society

EXCHEQUER, Canton of Hawkwood
04/01/03 - present

DEPUTY EXCHEQUER, Canton of Hawkwood
05/01/02 - 04/01/03

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