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Personal Information

The Honorable Lady Isabella Benalcázar
Anne Dorwart, 14 Middle Grove Court West, Westminster, MD 21157; (410) 857-4401

Date of Birth: October 16
Occupation: High school teacher
Joined the SCA: January 1991 - went to my first fighter practice where I met Master Tristan Alexander who was the reason I came back. My first event was Almost Fat Tuesday in Bright Hills at the Westminster Agricultural Center in February 1991.
Joined House Corvus: At Bright Hills Baronial Birthday when she became Rhiannon's protege on 24 February 2001.
Hobbies/Interests: Read. Read. Read. Did I mention read? Shop. Especially for books & CDs (I love music). I like to watch the occasional tv program and I like movies, especially Cary Grant ones like Charade and Arsenic & Old Lace. I like to go out and eat with my friends. I enjoy cross stitching things at times. Art. I love to look at it - I took a lot of art history classes in college just because. And Spain. All things Spanish - art, food & history especially but I also enjoy Andres Segovia and his guitar music - very nice to listen to at the end of a hard day. Laphroaig Scotch is my favorite. These days my main hobby after my job is taking a nap as much as possible.

Persona Background

Date of Birth: 1504, the year Queen Isabella, La Cato'lica passed away
Occupation: Spanish hidalga. Largely waiting for my cousin who has custody of me to find me a suitable husband. As my cousin is in the New World I doubt that will happen any time soon which is fine by me. I hear this English herald named Rouland has made overtures to my guardian, Baron Temur of the Kerait, but nothing official has happened with that yet other than Temur granting this herald permission to court me.
Place of Origin: Trujillo, Extremadura, a province under the rule of Castilla

Interests in the Society

Heraldry. Some embroidery. I enjoy helping out in the kitchen. Drink Black & Tans around a campfire at night after an event.

Awards Received in the Society

AWARD OF ARMS, Kingdom of Atlantia
(TRM Steffan and Twila) - Transylvanian Travesty - 10/31/92

BLUE COLLAR, Barony of Bright Hills
(TE Heinrich and Barbara) - Pennsic XXIII - 08/19/94

Orders Received in the Society

ORDER OF THE JOB, Barony of Bright Hills
(TE Temur and Ekaterina) - Garb Wars - 05/16/98

(TRM Amalric and Caia) - Bright Hills Baronial Birthday Carnivale - 02/05/00

Offices held in the Society

SEA URCHIN HERALD, Kingdom of Atlantia
08/17/99 - present

08/01/96 - 08/17/99

DANCE MASTER, Barony of Bright Hills
09/01/92 - 12/01/93

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