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Personal Information

Lady Alessandra Ruscello
Jana Millspaugh, 2 Oakview Drive, Apt. 3, Asheville, NC 28803; (828) 318-1939

Date of Birth: June 30
Occupation: Specialist at a client-outsource company. I work for a bank based out of New England as a floor supervisor. In other words, I get yelled at. A lot. (And its great!) But, I also get the satisfaction of knowing that I have made someone happy and feeling more secure.
Joined the SCA: In 1997
Joined House Corvus: On my 25th birthday, June 30, 2001 at Sacred Stone's In a Phoenix' Eye IX.
Hobbies/Interests: I like trying new crafty stuff. Im starting to become a little more brave with my calligraphy. I also enjoy reading, playing with Salem (the brat-cat) and the 2 other cats that live with us (Luci & Little), spending time with friends, singing, playing SSX3, and laughing out loud at movies.

Persona Background

Date of Birth: 1376
Occupation: Daughter of a merchant
Place of Origin: Italy

Interests in the Society

I have found that I really enjoy working in the kitchen, and MoLing is great (both let me play with the adults!) I have started to do more A&S, and there is so much that I want to try... lampworking, calligraphy and illumination, pottery, sotelties, weaving, embroidery, fabric painting... I really could go on and on.

Awards Received in the Society

AWARD OF ARMS, Kingdom of Atlantia
(TRM Ragnar and Kyneburgh) - Sacred Stone's Baronial Birthday - 09/02/00

AWARD OF THE DRAKKEN'S EGG, Barony of the Sacred Stone
(TE Duncan and Emer) - Tournament of the Golden Moon - 09/19/99

BARONIAL AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, Barony of the Sacred Stone
(TE Kisaiya) - Feast of Artemis - 11/22/03

(TE Duncan and Eyrick) - Hawkwood Investiture - 06/19/04

(HE Adeliza) - Hawkwood Collegium - 06/30/07

(HE rgrmr) - Hawkwood Baronial Birthday - 04/26/08

Orders Received in the Society

ORDER OF THE UNDINE (Queen's Service), Kingdom of Atlantia
(HRM Emer) - Inn on the Road - 03/31/01

ORDER OF THE SACRED STONE (Service), Barony of the Sacred Stone
(TE Kisaiya) - Tournament of the Golden Moon - 09/28/02

ORDER OF THE OPAL (Service), Kingdom of Atlantia
(TRM Sinclair and Kari) - Hawkwood Baronial Birthday - 04/26/08

ORDER OF THE GOLDEN MOON (Service), Barony of Hawkwood
(TE rgrmr and Adeliza) - Son of the Hawkwood Howl - 10/24/09

Offices held in the Society

MINISTER OF MINORS, Canton of Hawkwood
12/01/00 - present

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