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The Vanderbilt
London, England

[Monday - 10/31/94] As there are no in-period hotels in London, we chose to stay at one of my favorite London haunts, the Vanderbilt. I've been using it as a London base of operations, off and on, for the past decade. Located across from Gloucester Road station, it affords us easy access to transportation as well as familiar shops and conveniences. Of course, the fact that it's within walking distance to the Victoria & Albert Museum was not lost on Lady Sine, who wasted no time hitting that museum the afternoon we arrived. Of course, it's also within walking distance of the Museum of Natural History, Harrod's, and Kensington Gardens.

The hotel is a reconverted, Edwardian block of buildings that has managed to maintain it's period charm in all of its public rooms. Frankly, I'm glad that everyone had the opportunity to stay here. For me, it was a welcome friend after so much traveling and, while not exactly home, it was the next best thing. We all took some time today to relax and kick our feet up. Of course, those of you who know me know exactly where we dined that evening... Dino's!

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