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Trafalgar Square
London, England

[Monday - 10/31/94] Trafalgar Square, the main hub of Central London, was built in honour of Admiral Nelson after his victory in 1805 at the Battle of Trafalgar, off the coast of Spain. John Nash designed it in the 1830's. The centre piece is Nelson's column, which supports a 18ft statue of Nelson on the top.

Four bronze lions by Edwin Landseer stand at the base of the column. Since the square was laid out there as been one empty plinth.

Trafalgar Square is also famous for its pigeons. The local authorities try to discourage people from feeding them as all the local buildings are covered with their droppings. However, they are still very popular with tourists.

The square was designed by Nash in 1820. Nelson's 183 foot high column was erected in 1842 to commemorate his death in the battle of Trafalgar. On New Year's Evening thousands come here to be mugged, crushed, and drowned in the fountain. We enjoyed a nightime stroll around it and enjoyed its striking beauty.

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