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The Chapel Royal of St. Peter ad Vincula
HM Tower of London, London, England

[Tuesday - 11/01/94] The historic Chapel Royal of St. Peter ad Vincula (St. Peter in Chains) is the oldest chapel royal in England. In this little chapel most of those who died on Tower Hill and six of the seven executed on Tower Green, were laid to rest under flagstones without ceremony.

Site of Block Between the Chapel and Tower Green is a small paved area. A scaffold was erected here for the beheading of those whose public execution on Tower Hill might have incited the people to riot. The names of the six tragic figures who died on this fateful spot are inscribed on the board. They include three queens of England: Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard, and Lady Jane Grey. Elizabeth Ist supposed suitor, Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex was also executed here.

The Chapel Royal of St Peter ad Vincula is the last resting place of all those who died at the Scaffold Site, including Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard. The Chapel was originally outside the castle walls but was brought inside as the Tower expanded to become a church for those living inside. It still performs this role today and consequently can only be visited on a Yeoman Warder guided tour. Visitors are welcome to attend any of its services and details are posted outside the Chapel. The Chapel of St John the Evangelist, in the White Tower, was reserved for the sovereign and his court but is open today to visitors.

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