Here is a collection of songs that House Corvus members find interesting or inspirational. Naturally, they have raven themes!

The Three Ravens

This ballad dates back to 1611. It is also known as "The Twa Corbies." According to the The Viking Book of Folk Ballads of the English-Speaking World the song deals with primitive superstition. "Perhaps in the folk mind the doe is the form the soul of a human mistress, now dead, has taken. Or it may be that the doe was considered an animal - paramour of the dead knight. Most probably the knight's beloved was understood to be an enchanted woman who was metamorphosed at certain times into an animal."


An Icelandic folk song on YouTube. It's possible to have more poetic translations from Icelandic, but it's very hard to keep the meaning. "Raven sleeps beneath the rock As the winter bites outside: Many things to hunt him Many things to hunt him The day cracks the frozen sky As from below the rock does fly A raven's beak A raven's beak All outside is frozen white Not a scrap of food in sight Hunger drives him forwards, Hunger drives him forwards."

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