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Carreg Samson
Pembrokeshire, Wales

[Thursday - 05/06/99] The cromlech, Carreg Samson is a Bronze-Age burial chamber which we saw marked on our map almost directly on the route we were taking between Arthur's Quoit and the nearby Preseli Mountains (our goal). Since I've always been fascinated by monuments of this type, everyone agreed that we should give it a look whilst we were in the vicinity.

Despite its obvious location right on the coast, we somehow missed it and went too far. We turned around and tried again but ended up right where we started having missed it a second time. Third time's the charm, right? Well, not for us, we again went too far and thought about abandoning Carreg Samson to continue on our way. We did for a few miles, but then, like any man with a map, I was determined to find Carreg Samson! One last U-turn took us back past a tiny sign we kept seeing for 'Longhouse,' a local farm. About that time, Mistress Susan had located a notation in her amazing guide book which said "Turn at Longhouse." So we did.

Sure enough, Carreg Samson sat beautifully on a field overlooking the sea. Parking in front of some building and making our way past several huge(!) cows, our diligence was rewarded with an exciting visit to this ancient grave. Standing inside the precarious looking stones, we experienced a sort of off-balance, wavering effect which weirded us all out and made us feel like the stones were moving. Despite the effort, or maybe because of it, this turned out to be a very cool visit.

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