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Ring of Kerry
Iveragh Peninsula, Ireland

[Friday - 11/15/02] The Ring of Kerry is part of that mystical & unspoilt Ireland that has attracted visitors to Ireland for hundreds of years. It's spectacular beauty is beyond question and, even on a rainy day, we were overwhelmed. The Ring of Kerry has some of the finest beaches in Europe and we could tell that, in the summer, it must be a great place for traditional seaside holiday. This is the kind of anachronistic clash that makes all of Britain and Ireland so eciting though. Where else can you go and play in the sand under the watchdul eye of an Iron Age fort, Ogham stones, and old monasteries?

County Kerry consists of a series of mountainous peninsulas that extend into the Atlantic. The shoreline is deeply indented by Dingle Bay, Tralee Bay, and the Kenmare River. Carrantuohill (3,414 ft), in the mountains known as Macgillycuddy's Reeks, is the highest point in Ireland. The streams are short and precipitous, and many bogs exist. The Lakes of Killarney are a popular tourist attraction. Farming (oats and potatoes), fishing, sheep and cattle raising, and dairying are the chief occupations. Peat is sold commercially. Footwear is made in Tralee and Killarney. Many well-preserved dolmens, stone forts, round towers, castles, and abbeys still stand. Irish Gaelic is spoken by inhabitants of the Dingle peninsula and the Blasket Islands.

We drove the entire Ring road and the scenery is spectacular all along the route. Stretching out into the Atlantic Ocean, the Iveragh Peninsula has a backbone of mighty mountains carved out from the last Ice Age. Every environment is here, from the snow-capped Corrán Tuathail, Ireland´s loftiest peak, through woodland and blanket bog, to the sandy beaches of the coast. Despite it being mid-November, the warm waters of the Gulf Stream ensure a mild climate all the year round. Although we had rain all day and some winds that, at times, were just stupifying!

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