House Corvus has a variety of exceptional cooks who have headed up many event kitchens. The following recipes are some of our favorites. Unless otherwise indicated, each recipe makes one serving for a table of eight (8). Clicking on the blue buttons will take you to a specific recipe. Clicking on the title banner on any page will return you to the Main Index.

Caboches in Potage with Ham (Main Dish)

Chilled Caraway-Ginger Chicken (Main Dish)

Chilled Lorengue de Pouchins (Chicken in Orange Sauce) (Main Dish)

Chilled Peas Vinaigrette (Side Dish)

Dublin Coddle (Main Dish)

Onion Soup (Starter Dish)

Petits Pois Ó la FertÚ-MacÚ (Seven Layer Salad) (Side Dish)

Roast Pork Tenderloin in Marinade (Main Dish)

Savory Toasted Cheese (Side Dish)

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