This is a listing of on-going House Corvus projects and what their current status is. It does not include the incredibly wide variety of individual projects which every member of House Corvus is pursuing on their own behalf or to benefit their SCA branches. Instead, this is intended to augment our online discussions via the House Corvus newsgroup and our newsletter The Raven Roundtable by reminding us of continuing projects which benefit the Household and just where we all stand regarding them.

Project Title
Current Status

Pennsic Encampment

The House Corvus newsletter has a regular column entitled "The Road to Pennsic." Plans and projects are pursued regularly in preparation of our Pennsic encampment. Bran and Rhiannon are working on organizing the encampment preliminaries with Griffith heading up our land acquisition. The next Pennsic workday is currently not scheduled. For more information, contact Master Bran .

Invitation only.

Heraldry Project

A few members of House Corvus still do not have registered devices and/or badges with the SCA's College of Arms. The households many heralds stand by to assist each member of House Corvus in the development of personal armory so that every one can have a device. Contact: Master Peter.

31 with arms. 12 without.

Cerulean Chapel

The Cerulean Chapel is named after Lady Ester Cerulean, founding member of Caer Daibhidh and its second seneschale. She died of ovarian cancer a few years ago. Along with the Rose Window, there are other, individual projects dedicated for use in the Chapel. This project is on-going. Contact: Master Bran.


Household T-Shirts

Originally created as a fundraiser for the Pavilion Fund, members of House Corvus may still order House Corvus wear through THL Sine. Available as a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or athletic shirt. Contact Mistress Sine to order.

Order now!

House Belts

These are the custom belts designed by Master Bran and Mistress Shrew and have also been produced for House Corvus by Lord Cormac and Lady Raven of Hawkwood. All members of House Corvus are entitled to wear the belt so long as they are members of the Household. We are currently encouraging skilled leatherworkers to submit samples for ongoing commissions. Contact: Master Bran.

Contact Bran.

Corvus Lanterns

These are the lanterns which THL Rowen discovered and everyone pitched in to purhcase for the Household. Ten lanterns were originally acquired and transferred to Master Bran for etching with the House Corvus Badge. Members have been acquiring more in an effort to bring our total number to 20. We currently have 17. Currently, Bran is experiemtning with converting the lanterns to solar. Contact: Master Bran.

0 refurbished.

Corvus Feast Gear

This is the cobalt blue glassware etched with the House Corvus badge. Master Bran is currently refurbishing all four complete sets with new boxes, napkins, and silverware. If you are interested in acquiring a set, Master Bran will teach you how to do the etching. Contact: Mistress Rhiannon.

4 sets of 6.

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