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Picadilly Cirus
London, England

[Monday - 10/31/94] Piccadilly Circus is considered the most visited site in London and is a hub of activity from morning to night. The London equivalent of Times Square, Piccadilly Circus is formed by the junction of five streets and is one of the busiest traffic circles in the world. People crowd around the steps of the statue known as Eros, the Greek God of Love (but really meant to be the angel of charity), erected in 1892 as a memorial to the Earl of Shaftsbury, the Victorian philanthropist.

After dinner, we took the underground up to Piccadilly Circus for a walkabout. Soho isnít too far a walk from here and neither is Trafalgar Square. So, we strolled around Leicester Square and then down back through Picadilly towards Trafalgar. We even went so far as to walk down to the Tower Clock at the Houses of Parliament. That's a hefty walk! But we were so excited to be out of the car and here in London, we just got carried away. All of these areas are quite a sight in the evening, with colorful and brightly lit advertising signs illuminating the area, high above the streets. It made for a great evening's activity.

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