T-Shirt Order Form

You may use this form page to order your House Corvus T-shirt! Simply fill out the fields below and then PRINT this page. Mail it with your check to THL Sine (Jane Sellers, 7066 N. NC Hwy 1090, Winston-Salem, NC 27107). Only members of House Corvus may order Household T-shirts. Click here to View T-shirt.

This Order is for (please check one):
  • A single House Corvus T-Shirt.
  • Multiple (up to four different sizes) House Corvus T-Shirts.
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Additional Comments or Instructions:

Just print and mail this form after you select your drop-down options to THL Sine. Please consider adding $5.00 to the cost of each T-Shirt which will go in to the House Corvus General Fund. If you would like to make any donations, please contact Master Bran.

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