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Personal Information

Lady Lucrezia Francesca Giovanni
Rachel Edmonds, 76 Lickawanna Drive, Sylva, NC 28779; (828) 342-9520

Date of Birth: October 21
Occupation: CNA
Joined the SCA: December 2010 in Hawkwood.
Joined House Corvus: On September 1, 2012 at Sacred Stone's 30th Anniversary.

Persona Background

Date of Birth: Mid 16th century
Place of Origin: Born in Florence, Italy, traveled with merchant father.

Interests in the Society

SCA gives me opportunities to do activities that both my husband and I enjoy and can do together; A&S; Friendship.

Awards Received in the Society

AWARD OF ARMS, Kingdom of Atlantia
(TRM Bryan and Brianna) - Sacred Stone's 30th Anniversary - 09/01/12

Orders Received in the Society

Offices held in the Society

DEPUTY SENESCHAL, Barony of Hawkwood
??/??/?? - present

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