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Loch Lomond
Argyll, Scotland

[Monday - 05/03/99] Argyll, the Isles, Loch Lomond, Stirling & Trossachs. Here is the birthplace of Scotland, the cradle of its Christianity and nationhood and the focal point of much of its colorful history. While it was our intent to leave Scotland first thing this morning, Renata suggested that we take a detour and visit the shores of one of Scotland's most famous landmarks, Loch Lomond. We all agreed that, while it didn't connect to our Arthurian saga per se, we didn't want to leave without a stop at this most famous of Highland lakes.

Loch Lomond is the largest fresh water Loch in Great Britain. It is almost 24 miles long and five miles wide and at its deepest point is approximately 600 feet deep. The Loch is crossed by the Highland Boundary Fault and exhibits the physical characteristics of both highland and Lowland Scotland. More than 200 species of birds and over 25% of Britain's wild plants have been recorded in the area. On the Loch there are some 38 Islands, some of them inhabited. There is even a Hotel on one, Inchmurrin!

Loch Lomond must be one of the worlds most famous lakes and has been much written about, both in song and verse. The area is renowned for its beauty and tranquility and offers picture postcard views around every corner. We had a beautiful drive up and parked in a visitor's center near the lake's edge. After walking down to the lake and taking some pictures, we agreed that we should move on and try to put a few miles behind us before lunch time. Despite some serious speculation on the subject, Susan did not fall in!

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