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Gatwick Airport
London, England

[Friday - 04/30/99] and [Friday - 05/14/99] It all begins and ends here to some extent. We gathered initially in Philadelphia, meeting up with members of House Corvus from California, North Carolina, and New Jersey, all of us flying in from our respective, local airports. We then boarded USAir flight 98 to London's Gatwick Airport arriving at 6:00am the next morning. The second busiest airport in Great Britain (and seventh in the world), we needed to transfer to Heathrow (the U.K.'s busiest) for our flight to Edinburgh. British Midland carried us that last leg of the journey and we arrived in Edinburgh just past noon. After picking up our van, we headed for our first hotel, the thirteenth century, Dalhousie Castle.

Our return to Gatwick for our departure two weeks later was far simpler. Having dropped the van off four days prior to our final departure from London, we had been using the trains and Underground to get around. A short taxi ride to nearby Victoria Station saw all of us aboard the Gatwick Express which took us directly into the airport. From there, we all returned to the United States, tired, but illuminated.

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