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Kerry Bog Village
Glenbeigh, Ring of Kerry

[Friday - 11/15/02] Peat, or turf as it is usually called in Ireland, is harvested from bogs. It is made up of decayed vegetation formed over aeons by the death of ancient forests. Even now, however, it is still used as domestic and industrial fuel.

Nowadays, of course, most of the cutting and drying of turf is done by machine. But there are still places where it is cut and stacked by hand. The Bog Village near Glenbeigh, in the heart of Kerry´s bogland, is a popular stopping point for visitors on the Ring of Kerry who wish to see what life was like back in the old days. Indeed, Kerry Bog Village is a tribute to the turf cutters of Ireland. For anachronists like us, it was a "must see."

The village's little cottages or are modelled on the humble peasant dwellings of the 19th century when places like this dominated the boglands. Once again, we were the only people there and not even attendants were on hand to guide us. We simply walked in and made ourselves at home. We went into every building and played with all sorts of turn of the century paraphernalia and whatever else we could get our hands on (which was everything!). Rhiannon and I especially loved the bog pony there who kept neighing at us. And an especially enterprising cat decided that he would personally make himself our guide to the village. After showing us all around the town, he escorted us to the Red Fox Inn, an onsite restaurant and bar.

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