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Rhiannon, Peter, Oshi, and Adeliza help Sine sew. Click here for full size image.
Adeliza, Rhiannon, Sine, and Peter all see the humor of the situation. Oshi is *not* amused.
Good Lord!  That's a lot of fabric to feed through the sewing machine. Click here for full size image.
Progress is made slowly but surely. Click here for full size image.

Pre-Pennsic Work Weekend in Winston-Salem, NC in July 1999

This gallery of photographs was taken at the House Corvus work weekend at Oshi, Sine, and Signy's house. As you can see, the project of the day was sewing the kitchen pavillion for use in that summer's Pennsic XXIX encampment. Click on the thumbnails to see the full size .JPG image. Use your browser's 'back' button to return to this selection. Clicking on the Gallery logo above will return you to the Main Index. Clicking on the caption above will return you to the list of images in the House Corvus Image Gallery.

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