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George and Pilgrims
Glastonbury, Somerset

[Friday - 05/07/99] The George and Pilgrims was built as a hotel in the 15th century by the abbot of Glastonbury Abbey, John Selwood. Journeying pilgrims, who made offerings at the various shrines and altars, were a valuable source of revenue to the monastery located there. Thus, they were accomodated according to their station. The most important patrons, notably the royalty, would stay in the Abbey itself. When Henry VII came to Glastonbury Abbey in 1494, he was lodged in a special apartment in the Abbot's house. Less illustrious, but nonetheless wealthy, patrons were housed in the purpose-built accomodation called the George and Pilgrims across the street from the Abbey on Glastonbury's High Street. This was our residence while in Glastonbury for the next four days.

This was the perfect place from which to base our extensive travels to area sites both within and outside Glastonbury. Certainly the most period of all our hotels, it is steeped in local history. Behind its medieval facade and mullioned windows lay a character bar with refectory tables and their informal grill is paved with huge flagstones. The original rooms are decorated in an austere, period fashion and really helped invoke the overall mood of our trip. We especially felt for the staff though, who were entirely over-worked! Despite each one of them wearing at least four different hats, they maintained their warmth and temper. It was pretty amazing.

We arrived here early enough to get a jump on our Glastonbury itinerary, so we dived right in. Since the Abbey was right across the street, we began there. Other conveniences were on-hand as well and "Burns the Bread," the local bakery, was within easy (and dangerously close) walking distance!

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