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Dingle Bay
County Kerry, Ireland

[Friday - 11/15/02] Ireland works its magic most beautifully on its traditional western coast. It is the heartland of the Gaeltacht, where the melodic lilt of the Gaelic tongue is heard in everyday speech. Throughout the Dingle Peninsula, gaelic is the common tongue. Truly, this is Ireland at its most scenic, with craggy mountainside everywhere, towering over a turquoise sea. We stopped many times just to take in the rich beaty of this rugged coast.

We drove down in to the small harbor town of Dingle for a refreshment stop (snack and a drink!). Taking in all of its Irish charm tucked into its crooked streets, we could see the Blasket Islands, once home to traditional fishing communities off the coast, where Saint Brendan set sail for the Americas 14 centuries ago.

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