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Dalhousie Castle
Bonnyrigg, Scotland

[Saturday - 05/01/99] We arrived at Dalhousie Castle early in the afternoon and were stunned by the magnificent edifice that would serve as our Scottish base of operations. An irresistible blend of splendor and history surround this fascinating 13th century Castle. Set on acres of forest, park land, and a river pasture, it made for the ideal, scenic retreat. We were greeted so warmly and the staff went out of their way to make us feel at home. During our time there, we got to meet everyone who makes the Castle so special and were treated to several tours of the Castle's facilities including its own chapel!

Built over 700 years ago by the Ramsays of Dalhousie, the Castle, which notably has remained in the possession of one family longer than any other in Scotland, now stands peacefully amidst the rolling Midlothian countryside. It was an easy drive into Edinburgh and we decided to take advantage of our proximity even on our first day there. Despite impending jet lag, we trekked into the city and visited several sites on our very first afternoon. It was nice to know that we had our plush rooms back at Dalhousie to greet us when we finally crashed!

Dalhousie Castle has, over the centuries, played host to Kings, Queens, diplomats, politicians and famous authors - the grand rooms named after them remain as a fitting tribute to the castle's unique history. It is intriguing to think that Edward I of England, actually stayed at the castle, that Oliver Cromwell used it as a strategic base, and that Queen Victoria visited in 1842 during her grand Scottish Tour. The fascinating history of the Ramsays, along with the Castle's long links with Scottish history, play an integral part in the enchantment of the castle. We hated to leave.

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