Ever since Master Bran and Mistress Caitlin conjured Hampton Court Palace into existence for Atlantian Twelfth Night in January 2013 in Greensboro, NC; House Corvus has been determined to visit the real Hampton Court Palace and other important sites of Tudor England.

A departure from previous tours where we saw an almost daily change in lodgings, this trip will utilize a single London-based hotel as our accomoation. From there, daily excursions to and from the city should make the trip easier on everyone going.

"We're not getting any younger," quipped Mistress Deirdre on the Corvus '17 trip to Ireland. She was referring to the time we take off between Corvus tours. It was decided then that we would strive to do trips every three years. Still enough time for us to raise the money between trips to go but also a short enough time that we're still able to make the trips physically.

London and England are far more expensive undertakings than previous trips, so we're experimenting with not having food expenses included this time. That will give us more flexibility for eating on time and on a budget.

Click here to see the itinerary for Corvus '20: Tudor England.

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