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Bryn Celli Ddu
Anglesey, Wales

[Saturday - 10/29/94] Leaving Beaumaris Castle, we drove deeper into the Anglesey counrtyside to find a prehistoric burial chamber called Bryn Celli Ddu. The drive itself was truly an adventure! We followed the road in our map book. Keep in mind that this was a supposedly a two-way, named road (the A5) and printed in our map. It was so narrow, the bushes actually touched our vehicle on both sides! The asphalt periodically gave way to dirt and we constantly thought we were lost and on some farmers maintenance road.

We finally came upon the town of Llandaniel Fab, exactly as our map showed, proving we were still on target. Turning down a side (ha ha ha!) road from the A5, there was a small pull-off that marked the entrance to the site. After navigating a treacherous cow pasture for half a mile, we spied our goal.

This striking monument has quite an interesting history. The original structure on this site was a circle henge, a bank and ditch of 57 feet diameter with standing stones set in a circle within. However this structure was destroyed by late Neolithic people who built a tomb on top of the site.

A passage 27 feet in length leads to the burial chamber. I wasn't expecting to see the huge, free-standing pillar inside. This is actually a cast of the original, which is now in the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff. The stone has a faint maze pattern carved into it, which you can just make out on the cast.

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