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First Word

Wow! What a lot has been going on within our Corvus family lately! From health issues to life events, a lot has been going on with our membership. I appreciate everyone who’s been keeping in touch with me, whether it’s via our e-list or personal e-mails or phone calls. It’s all too easy to let friends drift away when life comes along. Part of the magic House Corvus holds is the love and support we can all draw from our household brothers and sisters. Keeping in touch allows you to partake in that love and also keeps us a part of your lives. Thank you for hanging on to that so fiercely. It plays a huge role, not only in House Corvus’ longevity, but also in keeping our family whole and happy.

Lord Cáelán Cócaire has been getting more active this year and attending SCA events. A job change forced him to cut back a bit but that’s slowly resolving itself. It might even result in a relocation to Charlotte! Wouldn’t it be great to have in Sacred Stone?

Some folks got a chance to visit with Cáelán at this year’s Ymir and still others were treated to his culinary delights when he cooked Falcon Cree’s Feast of the Saints: St. Barbara in May. Often limited to day-tripping events, let’s hope to see more of Cáelán this year!

The Honorable Lord Mícheál Ó Comhdhain, his lovely wife Lady Krystyne McGowan, and beautiful children McKenzie and Colin of House Corvus have been enjoying their new swimming pool this summer! Unfortunately isolated from many SCA events, we need to make a more concerted effort to get them over to Hawkwood events this year. With our own Ronan and Muriele as the B&B of Hawkwood, we should be able to provide a lot of good, old-fashioned Atlantian hospitality! Let’s work on coordinating more household efforts at event attendance rather than making random appearances. The e-list allows us that sort of planning. Every event with Corvus members should be an opportunity to encourage other Corvites to join in the day’s fun.

Baroness Rowan MacBrighde here in Trimaris reported recently that her mother, Lady Medb ingen Gillai-Brigte, has moved out to Sequim, Washington for health reasons. The weather up there is much better for her respiratory ills. Rowan has been very involved in school this year and has even started to branch out merchanting. It’s nerve-wracking and exciting (I’m sure Ronan and Muriele can attest to that!), but it’s also a grand new adventure. I’m not sure when the Atlantian Corvites might get chance to see Rowan this year but, rest assured, the Trimarian Corvus contingent will be spending time together!

While checking in with Corvites in other kingdoms, Lord Umberto della Massa gave an update on his family in the Kingdom of Northshield’s Barony of Nordskogen. Unfortunately, Lady Helena’s mother passed away last September and Lord Umberto himself was hospitalized with a strep infection in his keg. Since then, however, Umberto and Helena celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary! Both Umberto and Antonia attended a Dr. Who convention in Minnesota in May and Antonia hit the CONvergence over the July 4th weekend. She joins fellow housemates Deirdre, Ealdthryth, Eldred, and Rhiannon in their passion for sci-fi conventions, it seems. Perhaps Antonia can consider a DragonCon visit next year?!? What a fun team-up that would be.

When not attending conventions, Antonia has been working as a substitute teacher and/or PCA (Personal Care Assistant) and is loving it. She’s trying to decide now whether to attend grad school or get a job teaching English in Japan.

Brother George will be a senior at Augsburg College with a History major and a Drama minor (as well as being a baritone or tenor in the choir). George will also be volunteering at the fencing booth at this year’s Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

While they do manage to get up with housemate Mistress Medb Renata periodically, it would be great to see the whole Nordskogen crew at an event sometime soon.

Lord Raimondo Ricchie detto il Lemosino is now a tenure-track professor at Benedictine College in Atchison, KS. He and wife Lauren are expecting a baby in mid-January!

Health-wise, Corvus members have been beset by various issues this year. Along with those already mentioned and my own on-going kidney stone saga, I’m happy to report that Lord Alrekr der Drachae has been recovering nicely from his pulmonary embolism and Lady Aine is getting treatment for her vertigo onslaught. As the members of House Corvus get older, health issues are simply something with which we’ll have to come to grips. Still, knowing that there are people out there who are worried about our well-being makes a big difference. Be sure and stay in touch always. We want the good news as well as the bad news. Because the most important thing is: it’s news about you! And, if it’s happening in your life, we want to know about it.

Seigneurs Dreux d'Anjou and Etienne Le Mons d'Anjou are wrapping up their move to SC and will be joining the ranks of our Nottinghill Coill Corvites. From what I gather, they won’t be too far from Master Eldred and Mistress Ealdthryth. I know that with Etienne’s passions for heraldry, there’s a match there and projects to be born. I know we all look forward to seeing the results of those efforts.

At Sacred Stone’s recent Baronial Birthday, many Corvites came together to help pull the event together after an abrupt staff change. Lady Elizabeth took over the autocratting chores and Aine, Caitlin, Camillo, Edmund, Gise, Murienne, Oshi, Robyn, Stella, Sine, Vincenzo, and William brought their considerable talents to bear to make sure that Sacred Stone had a great event as well as a memorable investiture of its new baron and baroness. It wasn’t just a fitting resolution to Their Excellencies, Oshi and Sine’s term as Baron and Baroness Sacred Stone, it was a shining example of how House Corvus works together to avert potential crises. Job well done for everyone involved!

Of course, members of House Corvus didn’t just work the event. Lords Simone da Venezia and Vilhjálmr bani fought to become Sacred Stone’s newest Rapier Champion with Simone coming in third in his second ever tournament! And Lord Vincenzo d’Este vied for the Barony’s Heavy Champion. It’s so great to see Corvus fighters taking the field to uphold the honor and traditions of their barony. It makes us all proud to see housemates excelling in every aspect of the Society’s many endeavors. Whether it’s service, arts & sciences, or fighting; Corvus has people pursuing their bliss in every arena.

House Corvus members were remembered come Court time as well. Both Lady Elizabeth and Lord Vincenzo received Sacred Stone’s Baronial Award of Excellence for their work on the event. Master Oshi and the Honorable Lady Caitlin were given Court Baronies. And, the Honorable Lady Aine O Grienan was inducted into Sacred Stone’s Order of the Phoenix’ Heart. While no one in House Corvus does what they do for the recognition, it is always gratifying to see your work appreciated. Both Sacred Stones Coronets and Atlantia’s Crown clearly recognized the efforts that you’re putting forth. Keep up the great work!

With, War of the Wings IX just around the corner, much of our attention has turned to the preparation of that event. Our own Gisela is the autocrat and, naturally, members of House Corvus are busy lending helping hands throughout the event. We’re working to create a very special Corvus encampment this year and hope to see as many of you as possible supporting the War.

When it turned out that no one had put in a bid to host Atlantian Twelfth Night, our own Murienne and Caitlin jumped to the fore and will be taking on that task for the Kingdom. It should be an amazing event with Baroness Caitlin managing to procure the same amazing site location we used several years ago in Greensboro, NC. This is a truly magnificent venue and the event will undoubtedly be one to remember!

Before October’s War of the Wings IX, we also have Hawkwood’s Tourney of the Brethren. House Corvus cook extraordinaire, The Honorable Lady Murienne l’aloiere has researched and put together a marvelous Moroccan feast for the event. In addition to getting to spend the day with a number of your Corvus housemates (Hawkwood events always have a good Corvus showing!), you’ll get to sample some exciting period food. Murienne’s menus are always a treat, this one will be no different, I’m sure. I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.

Typically, House Corvus averages two to four inductions each year. These additions help to offset the decrease in activity experienced by other members in the household due to life events. More than that, though, it’s because we are always on the lookout for those special individuals who have the right stuff to be in House Corvus. It’s certainly a truism that House Corvus members aren’t so much made as recognized. That requires a certain vigilance on the parts of our membership. Nominating people to the FYC is open to every member of House Corvus. Don’t be shy about putting people’s names forward for consideration. As you know, the whole FYC process can take some time! Give your housemates time to properly get to know and evaluate your candidates. --BRAN

The Benen Perspective

Well, Pennsic is over. That endless parade of the good and bad. We're home and finally can start “moving in.” At least that's the way it feels.

I went to Pennsic feeling like I had lost my way as a Knight, Laurel, Pelican and Royal Peer. I questioned my place in the SCA and wondered if it was all worth it. Some questioned if that was the right place to do my soul searching, but I argue that it was a good place to. A crucible of ideas and a place to see the best and worst the SCA has to offer. Oh there's bad. Very bad. Stuff so bad it makes me wonder if we can't just all burn it to the ground, walk away, and feel like we did more good than harm by the cleansing.

But there is also good. And it was there that I found it and reinforced my belief and path. Despite the circus of the absurd, there is this cool verve that makes up the best of the SCA. From the newcomers being “hooked” into a the cult of re-enacting, re-creating, historical research, and play acting that is the organization to the moments of hyper realism and almost magical elements that leave a lasting impression on even the most cynical. Breathing life back into the fallen.

More importantly it let me reconnect with my inner philosophy of why I/we do it. And provided the ability for me to touch base and share my misgivings, doubts, concerns, musings and cynicism with people I trust that both allowed me to vent, argue and receive council and discuss my place and conscience. (Not being a religious person, I look to people I respect, trust and admire and that I know have my confidence and may have an understanding of my plight and are honest with me, regardless of frankness. A "knight confessor" so to speak.

Sometimes it may have been evident to those people, other times it was not so evident. What they saw as merely social interaction and a light discussion was more, (yeah, I'm sneaky that way) at least for me. Some of those moments were long, discussions that went deep into the night and made me think hard. Some not so much but were just as valuable.

Though my “ship” is still out in an ocean, I at least have control of it and a better idea of my course and bearings. Some of it was being reminded that above all humility is the most important virtue. Some of it was the upheaval of change, some of it the atmosphere and elements that added frustration to my position that bled over into my line of thought. Much of it was my own observation and contemplation as I walked the site at night, quiet moments in the booth, the drive home. But more importantly it was friends coming to my rescue in “my crisis of faith.”

Many of you know who you are. Some were unknowing participants in my therapy/catharsis but still had a profound impact. My thanks to all of you. Good and bad. You make me who I am in the SCA and I will continue on my path as I have. Maybe with some changes, but still those tenets that make up Benen. My course is set, and I begin a new journey. Thank you. --BENEN

Count Benen MacTire is a former King of Trimaris, as well as being a Companion of the Chivalry, Laurel, and Pelican.)

Courtly Virtues

(-?giv-n?s), ME from OE forgifan, c. pre-12th c.

Forgiveness is the intentional and voluntary process by which a victim undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding an offense or offender. The person lets go of negative emotions such as vengefulness, with an increased ability to wish the offender well. Akin to forgiveness is mercy, so even if a person is not able to complete the forgiveness process he or she can still show mercy, especially when so many wrongs are done out of weakness rather than malice.

Forgiveness is different from condoning (failing to see the action as wrong and in need of forgiveness), excusing (not holding the offender as responsible for the action), pardoning (granted by a representative of society, such as a judge), forgetting (removing awareness of the offense from consciousness), and reconciliation (restoration of a relationship).

As a psychological concept and virtue, the benefits of forgiveness have been explored in religious thought, the social sciences and medicine. Forgiveness may be considered simply in terms of the person who forgives, including forgiving themselves, in terms of the person forgiven or in terms of the relationship between the forgiver and the person forgiven. In most contexts, forgiveness is granted without any expectation of restorative justice, and without any response on the part of the offender. For example, one may forgive a person who is no longer a part of their life or even deceased. In practical terms, it may be necessary for the offender to offer some form of acknowledgment, an apology, or even just ask for forgiveness, in order for the wronged person to believe himself able to forgive.

The need to forgive is widely recognized by the public, but they are often at a loss for ways to accomplish it. For example, in a large representative sampling of American people on various religious topics in 1988, the Gallup Organization found that 94% said it was important to forgive, but 85% said they needed some outside help to be able to forgive. However, not even regular prayer was found to be effective.

Most world religions include teachings on the nature of forgiveness, and many of these teachings provide an underlying basis for many varying modern day traditions and practices of forgiveness. Some religious doctrines or philosophies place greater emphasis on the need for humans to find some sort of divine forgiveness for their own shortcomings, others place greater emphasis on the need for humans to practice forgiveness of one another, yet others make little or no distinction between human and divine forgiveness.

Clearly, this is one of the harder virtues for us to put forth in our lives. Forgiveness requires coming to grips with the emotions of having been wronged and that is a difficult task, indeed. Still, the ability to offer forgiveness, to offer mercy, to those who have offended us is crucial to our well-being. Letting go of the offense helps to also relieve us of the negative emotions connected with it, as well as the offender.

Other Courtly Virue articles: noblesse oblige #32, justice #38, courtesy #42, chivalry #43, self-sacrifice #44, etiquette #45, patience #49.

Some upcoming topics for Courtly Virtues include Chastity (purity), Temperance (self-restraint), Charity (giving), Diligence (zeal/integrity/Labor), Kindness (admiration), and Humility (humbleness). While emphasis is often put on the medieval interpretations of these virtues, we also try to emphasize our modern lives especially with regards to life in the SCA.

If you are interested in writing on one of these topics for a future issue of the Raven Roundtable, just let me know.

Cooking Vivendier

Cooking Vivendier is a sixty-six week cooking journey being undertaken by the Honorable Lady Murienne l'aloiere. Each week (more or less) she posts about a new recipe from “The Vivendier” that she has made. Entries include pictures, the original recipe (English translation), Murienne’s methodology and notes on how it turned out, as well as, how she might do it differently next time.

Recipe 13: Amplummus

Amplummus is a creamy apple custard. The egg yolks and saffron give it a pretty yellow color and the cinnamon and sugar keep it from being bland. In some other books there are versions of this dish described as a “sick food.” I can imagine using the sweet taste of apples and sugar to deliver the high protein of the eggs, the calories of the cream and the warming of the cinnamon to a patient without them making a fuss.

The original text in The Vivendier reads as…

Pour faire un amplummus. Prenez pommes pelleez et copez par morceaulx, puis mis boullir en belle esue fresce et, quant ils sont bien cuis, purez lesue hors nettement, puis les suffrisiez en beau bure fres ; ayez cresme douce et moyeulx d’oes bien batus, saffren et sel egalment et, au dreschier, canelle et chucquere largement par dessus.

The translation by Terence Scully is…

To make Apple Sauce. Get peeled apples, cut them into pieces, then set them to boil in pure fresh water. When they are thoroughly cooked, drain off all of the water and sauté them in good fresh butter; get fresh cream and well beaten egg yolks and saffron, and salt judiciously. On dishing it up, cinnamon and sugar generously over top.

This is what I did… I gathered the ingredients listed in the translation. I chose granny smith apples for their tart flavor. The recipe says to use fresh butter, which would not have been salted but I only had salted butter on hand. Heavy whipping cream, egg yolks, cinnamon, sugar, and saffron steeped in water are the other ingredients.

I peeled and chopped the apples and put them in water to boil. Once they were cooked, I put them in a strainer to drain the water from them. Once they were completely drained they were added to a pan with melted butter and sautéed them for a few minutes to cook them down and remove the rest of the water.

I then lowered the heat and while stirring I added the cream and the egg yolks which had need beaten with the saffron. I chose to use salted butter so I did not add any extra salt at this point.

Once the mixture had come together in the pa,n I removed it from the heat and spooned it into a bowl. I added a good amount of cinnamon and sugar and served it hot.

The Verdict…

Yummy creamy apple custard. It was much smoother than it seems in the picture. The custard was smooth and the texture is from the apple itself.

I will be making this again. I will likely adjust the ratio of apples to custard as I would have liked more apple flavor. I also think that a bit of ginger along with the cinnamon and sugar would be nice. Or maybe using brown sugar instead of white for a different flavor. The recipe doesn’t say to add this to anything else but I think it would make a wonderful tart filling.

Recipe 11: Soupe de quaresme Soupe de quaresme or Lenten Sops is a dish that resembles a pea soup served over toast. Flavored with cumin, wine and saffron it is a nice savory warming dish.

The original recipe for this dish is as follows…

Souppe de quaresme. Prenez puree de pois et commin et saffren en poure, mettez en demi quarte de puree et un hanap de vin et, se c’est vergus, sen mettez mains, du sel a point ; faictez boullir, sy le jettez sur les souppes, bien chaudement

Scully’s translates the recipe into this…

Lenten Sops. Get pea puree, powdered cumin and saffron; put two quarts of puree and a goblet of wine – and if you use verjuice, put in less; some salt, judiciously. Boil. Pour very hot over the sops. Here is how I made the dish…

I gathered together the ingredients for the dish. The bread for the sops is French bread. I chose to use a white wine rather than red as I didn’t want to muddy the bright color or overwhelm the flavor. I used frozen peas to make the pea puree. The saffron was steeped in a small amount of the white wine.

I ran the peas through a food processor with enough water to make a fairly smooth puree. Once the pea puree is smooth I put it on to boil along with the white wine, saffron, cumin and salt. This was brought to a low boil and simmered for about 15 minutes.

While it was simmering I toasted the French bread. The recipe did not say that it was toasted or untoasted but I decided I wanted the difference in texture.

The Verdict…

Thick creamy and full of flavor. I like this dish even though I am not a big fan of peas. I do think if I make this again I will add a bit more wine for flavor and to make it thinner. --MURIENNE

Award Recommendations

Did you know that award recommendations don't just come from peers and folks wearing coronets? Anyone and everyone can and should write award letters to recognize people that you've seen doing good work! It doesn't take a letter writing campaign, a fancy title, or even much of your time. It is very important, actually, that every member of the populace write letters as, simply put, the Crown cannot be everywhere at once and see everything that is going on in Their Kingdom. Take a look around your local group and see if someone has been overlooked or has been working hard and needs some recognition for it. This is what awards are for and you can help.

• Awards can recognize repeated service or something spectacular that you may have witnessed. Courtesy, service, artistic endeavor, teaching, fighting… the list goes on and on. If you aren't certain WHAT award to recommend, an individual can be written in with a description of what they've done and the Crown can make a decision from there. The important thing is that you bring that person to the Crown’s attention.

• Sometimes an individual's entry in the Order of Precedence may surprise you. Many people who you think of course MUST have that award - don't. Go online and check a person’s OP entry to see what they do and do not have. Don’t assume they have it without checking first.

• Award recommendations can easily be written online and take only a short time to do. Check your Kingdom Herald’s website or Order or Precedence pages. You’ll undoubtedly find an award recommendation link there.

• Writing a good letter is important to your recommendation. Try to be as specific as possible on what the gentle has accomplished. "He works hard" is far less effective than "M'lord Bob works in the kitchen at every event and has taken shifts at gate the last three events our group has hosted." Specifics are your friend here and really help the Crown make an informed decision. Similarly, spell check your letter and always be polite in your requests.

• Try to include events the gentle will be attending where they might be able to receive the Crown’s recognition. This is particularly important for smaller events that the Crown may be attending where They have more freedom in Their Court schedule as opposed to all of the bigger Kingdom events.

• Don't get upset if an award recommendation you sent in doesn't happen right away (or ever). Sometimes awards are delayed due to scheduling or there's something else in the works or simply the Crown doesn't feel something should go out at a given time. Awards are at the discretion of the Crown - and generally are a surprise for all involved, so you won't necessarily get a "warning" if something you wrote in goes through. While some award recommendations will “carry over” from one reign to the next, send your recommendations again whenever the Crown changes. Where one particular Crown may not choose to act on your recommendation, another may.

If you have any questions at all on writing letters, please feel free to ask your local peers, nobles, or drop your Kingdom’s herald/signet office a line. --MILESENDE DE BOURGES

Politics and the SCA

So many times, I hear people complain about the “politics” of the SCA. Politics becomes a catch-all phrase to condemn what really are “poor interpersonal relations” in a group of individuals. Usually, it's surrounding Orders, or Households, or other clique-ish groups and the perceived interactions between those cliques and the rest of the 'normal' SCA as a whole.

Every single association of individuals has this issue. Within the SCA, we have a hierarchy of Rank set out by the nature of our environment. We re-create the Middle Ages and with that comes Kings, Queens, Barons, Dukes, Countesses, etc. That can't be escaped. We also have the business end of the Society. Officers, seneschals, marshals, etc., who have authority that runs parallel and equivalent to some, and subject to others. Then there are other levels of Rank: the various award Orders. Knights, Pelicans, Laurels, and other Awards of achievement that have various ranks (some have grants-of-arms, etc.). Then layered in that is a hierarchy of Households and other personal association choices.

What it creates are many opportunities for Big-fish-in-small-pond situations. But every social group I've ever been involved in has the same. The American Legion, Elks, VFD's, my helicopter clubs are all examples of groups of people that get together because of a common focus, but within that are layered levels of interpersonal interaction based on some hierarchy of authority.

At its basic, it's not a bad thing, especially when the organization begins to grow larger. The bigger the organization, the wider the range will grow between extreme viewpoints or values. With that, the potential for conflict surrounding those viewpoints also grows. Take my RC helicopter club, for example. The theoretical purpose is getting together to fly helis. For one or two guys, it's easy. Get our gear, go where we have room, agree to have different freq's and go fly. We cover each other and we have a lot of unwritten and unspoken agreements. But, add 15 more guys, and now we need pin boards so we know each frequency is covered. We need rules on sharing time and airspace. We need more room and probably need a scheduled set of times and reserved flight locations. Now that there are 17 guys, we're sure to have different viewpoints on the gray areas of safety, appropriateness, etc.

See where I'm going? A hierarchy is needed. But for the most part, that hierarchy grows into an organization or group organically, to fit the need of the group. It happens in the SCA as well at the ground level. New groups form around dynamic individuals. Households grow around dynamic individuals. Then, when these smaller groups grow outward into the establishment, the world view changes.

In general, people in the SCA just want to do their thing and have a good time. It's when one group has a good time in a way that creates conflicts with another that issues arise. There are groups of individuals that seem to make it their mission to do as much as possible to be an annoyance to the rest of the groups around them, simply for the purpose of being annoying. I see how new folks in their world are indoctrinated into how the "peers" represent "evil." Along with that, invariably, it seems to be the nature of some to crave a perception of power. In these environments where hierarchies exist, some people lose focus on 'the purpose' and become more interested in 'the club.' They seek to attain those levels of authority because the authority itself is rewarding to them. Sometimes, those are very welcome

individuals. We had people involved in my Tae-Kwon-Do club who were focused on the running of the Dojo. Great for us! We'd rather focus on the fighting, and leave the administrivia to the admins. But it can create situations of control and abuse.

Politics. It's all politics. Really, negative politics is pretty much nothing more than describing negative interactions between individuals and groups. It happens, it's going to happen, and it's going to be a part of the collective, it really can't be helped. What can be helped is how we, as individuals, adjust our sphere of influence to minimize those negative interactions. The SCA, in theory, is built around Knightly virtues. See, even here we have conflicts of expectation, as there are those who take 're-creation' back to the attitudes and behaviors appropriate to the time period. Really, the concept of courtesy in 1320 is way different than the concept of courtesy of 2014. That aside, the expectation of Noble and Honorable intent can and should be applied to all of our interactions. We have a right to expect that of others, and to seek common ground on which we can interface. Reach out, try to interact appropriately and do what we each can do within the realm of our own honor.

However, there are those with whom we just can’t interact, and the only safe answer there is to just… not. Those are simply not going to be part of my SCA experience. When I have to interact with them, I will do so according to the code of Chivalry that I believe in and will continue to do my best to behave honorably. But for the most part, they simply do not exist in my world. I can enjoy my pursuits and not have to interact. When our paths cross, keep it to the essentials. But those people do not define my entire SCA experience. I define my experience. It really doesn't have to be ruined by others, not if I don't let it.

I did that once. When I first started into the SCA, there were individuals who were more interested in the "hierarchies" than in the re-creation part. They made it clear by their behaviors and actions that I was beneath their notice. That affected my interpretation of the SCA as a whole and I walked away. It colored what I did and what I saw. Later, I found a group of individuals with whom I could enjoy the club. I found a place in the social structure that I could fit in comfortably, and I later found that I didn't need the approval of those folks who didn't have a use for me. Those kinds of folks are an inherent issue in this organization, just like any other organization. They have the ability to interject negativity into the experience for others. Ok, that's not fair, EVERYONE has that ability, these folks seem to just do it more often. Their attitudes, their behaviors are more about the negative than the positive. They say "you aren't" or "you can't" instead of "let's try" or "how can I help."

The SCA is a social group. Why would new folks want to be a part of that social group if it's a major effort to get beyond the negative actions of members of the group? The more we have people behaving that way, the more people are going to learn that is correct behavior and the less likely we're going to be having people want to be a part of it. So what do we, as an organization, do about it? There's the hard part. One thing that is notoriously difficult to legislate is "behavior." This is why there are rules of order for meetings. Instead of legislating "behavior" there is a set code of actions that is allowable and necessary. That'll never work here. What really needs to happen is that we need to codify what is acceptable and unacceptable in terms that are not ambiguous. That's not gonna happen either. This organization is too infested with the attitude that "acceptance of everything and everyone is the right way." "Honorable," "Chivalric," "Courteous," these are all vague terms and very open to interpretation, and that variable interpretation leads to much of the conflict.

In my opinion, it comes down to two things. First, being accountable for your own actions. Doing what you can, as an individual to minimize being a negative influence. You can't NOT be a negative influence because not all of our values and goals are going to be the same. But do things, and make choices that minimize the negative impact. Second, hold those with whom we interact accountable as well. Let people know when their actions are outside of the realm of acceptable. Yeah, this is likely to cause some direct conflict, but if the attempt is not made, then no adjustment can be affected. You know the saying, “all that is necessary for Evil to flourish, is for good men to do nothing.” --DUKE MALCOLM

Corvus Calendar

09/02 – Griffith’s Birthday.
09/04 – Deirdre’s Birthday.
09/04 – Margaret Teresa’s Birthday.
09/06 – Hidden Mountain: Silver Chalice
09/12 – Vilhjálmr’s Birthday.
09/13 – Aine & Robin’s Anniversary.
09/13 – Hawkwood: Tourney of the Brethren Murienne is cooking.
09/18 – Edlred’s Birthday.
09/19 – Peter’s Birthday.
09/20 – Ealdthryth & Eldred’s Anniversary.
09/20 – Darkwater: Village Faire
09/21 – Victoria & Griffith’s Anniversary.

10/04 – Atlantia: Coronation of Michael & Seonaid
10/06 – Alrekr's Birthday.
10/11 – Edmund's Birthday.
10/12 – Caelan's Birthday.
10/15-19 – Sacred Stone: War of the Wings IX Gise is autocratting.
10/16 – Isabella's Birthday.
10/18 – Thor's Mountain: Silver Hammer
10/19 – Jason's Birthday.
10/21 – Lucrezia's Birthday.
10/23 – Signy's Birthday.
10/25 – Michael's Birthday.
10/25 – Wyvernwoode: Baronial Bash
10/26 – Medb ingen Gillai-Brigte's Birthday.
10/27 – Rhiannon's Birthday.

11/01 – Muriele’s Birthday.
11/01 – Atlantia: Fall Crown Tourney Vincenzo and Gise are entrants.
11/04 – Dreux and Etienne’s Anniversary.
11/08 – Aire Faucon: Runestone
11/22 – Darkwater: Trident Symposium
11/24 – Mckenzie’s Birthday.
11/24 – Rebecca’s Birthday.
11/26 – Christie Kaylee’s Birthday.

12/02 – Sine & Oshi’s Anniversary.
12/04 – Bran’s Birthday.
12/06 – Atlantia: UnEvent
12/07 – Julianna & Luqman’s Anniversary.
12/13 – Nottinghill Coill: Yule Toy Tourney
12/17 – Caitlin’s Birthday.
12/18 – Victoria’s Birthday.
12/31 – Helena’s Birthday.
12/31 – NEW YEAR’S EVE

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