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First Word

I got so caught up in the discussion about House Corvus and its membership last issue, that I completely glossed over our wonderful experience at Gulf Wars! We had a small, but stalwart contingent at the event and it was a great opportunity to spend some time together. Oshi, Sine, Helfdane, Siobhan, Peter, Anne-Marie, Rowen and Medb Renata took up residence in Lumberton, MS for our annual foray in to the military machinations between Ansteorra and Trimaris.

As this was my first Gulf Wars as an Ansteorran, I was pretty excited! Naturally, I was pretty ticked off when it turned out that my armor box was packed sans helmet, relegating me to the cheerleading squad waving Oshi and Helfdane in to battle! They fought so hard and consistently, it was an inspiration. Some day, Atlantian “commanders” might pause from promoting only their own, pet projects, to see the many, dutiful men who also fight under that banner. I am so proud that Oshi and Helfdane are two such men.

We had a wonderful bit of pure vacation to kick the event off with me picking up Medb Renata at the New Orleans airport, then the two of us joining Anne, Peter, and frequent Corvus companion Deirde Fletcher at a hotel in New Orlean’s French Quarter. Anne had made our hotel arrangements online and, believe me, she did good! We had lovely rooms with an easy walk to various sites including, Harrah’s! (I put that in for Peter!)

We had an unusually good time touring various cemeteries. Partly, because Deirdre is such a New Orleans graveyard aficionado, but mostly because we had just too much fun reading the names of people on their headstones. It was a fascinating study of old-fashioned cultural segregation as well as regional funereal customs. Aside from gems like Leontyne Louis Lala, our cruising the Italian section of one cemetery yielded the catch phrase of the war, “Dis means you, ya fu¢#in’ monkey!” Long story, but a great recurring joke for the duration of the trip!

As usual, Duke Baldar and his fellow Asgardians made us feel right at home with invitations to their encampment and the most stunning gift I think I’ve ever received in the SCA. I remain humbled by this man’s generosity both to myself and all of House Corvus. Our own Rowen made an exquisite Valkyrie for Asgard, handing out invitations to an Asgardian party to fallen warriors on the battle field.

Kudos go to all of the many Trimarians who staffed the event. I had the pleasure to go the very first event Countess Maisie of Dumbarton had ever autocratted many years ago in Wyvernwoode. Seeing her turn as Gulf Wars autocrat was nothing less then amazing. I don’t know if I’ve ever attended an event where so much attention to detail had been evi- evidenced. Although, we definitely need to have a talk about golf carts and their intrusiveness at events! Still more props to Sir Karl Kyburg and his flawless handling of the parking.

We definitely missed some of our Gulf Wars regulars though. Hopefully, a few more Corvites can manage to fit the event in their schedules next year. As it becomes more and more difficult to effect a proper encampment at Pennsic, maybe we can use Gulf Wars as our regular, big, annual camping event.

Sadly, the on-site hotel at Gulf Wars has been steadily providing less and less service while charging more and more money. But there are numerous alternatives relatively nearby. We’ll look in to both camping and new hotel options for next year. Regardless, I see Pennsic as becoming less and less tenable while Gulf Wars provides a more satisfying war experience. Just something to think about.

I won’t be able to attend the Corvus gathering being held in Hawkwood at the end of this month since I’ll be attending the Cannes Film Festival in France. However, I know you’ll all have a great time! I know that Sine and Siobhan will have everyone doing kumihimo by the end of May! All I can say to that is, welcome to your new addiction, everyone!

We all have a lot of irons in the fire over the next few months. Be careful not to spread yourselves too thin. Between demos, Renn Faires, and Hawkwood’s impending Investiture, many members of House Corvus have themselves committed to a lot of tasks. Now that Janos and Rachel have won Atlantia’s Crown Tournament, many of our Nottinghill members will be called upon for still more duties. Please remember to keep it all fun!

The flipside to being known as some of the SCA’s hardest workers is the expectation that we’ll always deliver the goods. And we certainly try! But you have to always balance that with enough downtime to keep the work enjoyable. Remember that you have housemates to call upon for assistance. That help can be both literal as well as figurative. Whether it’s helping your event out with an extra MoL, more hands in a busy kitchen, advice on handling an SCA “personality,” or anything else, the odds are pretty high that someone in Corvus has the experience to help you out. If nothing else, we have plenty of ears to bend whenever you have to vent. Don’t ever underestimate the power of mutual support!

This especially pertains to Gryffyth! Dazzling go-getter that he is, he’s taken on the excruciatingly odious task of organizing Pennsic for so many of us. Many of us know just how tedious that can be and are very grateful for Gryffyth’s taking that on that job. Thank you!

Speaking of support... a special thank you to everyone who pledged something for Giuseppe’s participation in the Orange County AIDS Walk. Way to go, Joe! --BRAN

For Your Consideration

After clearing the FYC list earlier this year, I thought it’d be good to remind everyone just who I thought was still on it. As far as I know, this represents the current FYC list. Feel free to correct me if you think otherwise. There are also a few new additions I’d like to bring to your attention.

Candidate 1 - Comments omitted from online version.
Candidate 2 - Comments omitted from online version.
Candidate 3 - Comments omitted from online version.
Candidate 4 - Comments omitted from online version.
Candidate 5 - Comments omitted from online version.
Candidate 6 - Comments omitted from online version.
Candidate 7 - Comments omitted from online version.

Corvus on the Road

On a lovely April 2nd morn, Alessandra and I set out to journey across the vast width of the state of North Carolina, on our way to the Coronation of Cuan and Padraigin, Atlantia’s 47th, King and Queen. With such a charming travel companion, the journey went by swiftly, even though we had seven hours to go, and before long, we were arriving at Cassan’s family’s beach house in Surf City, N.C.

Since we got there ahead of Cassan, Alessandra and I couldn’t resist the call of the ocean, especially since it was just 50 yards away! So, off to the sea we ran, to a lovely beach of incredibly soft sand and lots of wildlife, including dolphins, pelicans and of course, gulls! We were soon joined by Cassan and then the three of us went out to a lovely, family-owned seafood restaurant, where we enjoyed a wonderful meal. Returning to the beach house, we met up with Eldred and Ealdthryth and started watching some tv while we waited on Guillaume and Rowen the Shiftless to arrive.

The next morning, after one of our typical Corvus blab sessions, we all rose early and made the trek up the coastline to Swansboro, N.C. We had a day shade with us, but the new Baron and Baroness of Nottinghill Coill, Liam and Julien, were kind enough to offer us the end section of their massive day shade, so we opted to be one of the gang and set up Eldred’s many tables and 23 seating units within.

We attended Last Court and the following coronation of Cuan and Padraigin, during which I had a little surprise for the Corvus crowd. Cassan was seated beside me and suddenly realized he was the closest male Corvus member to me, and that I often get called in to court for one reason or another. He looked over at me and said, "I won’t have to escort you, will I?", to which I replied, "Not if you don’t want to." Then, the herald called for the Regent of Atlantia, Mistress Rhiannon ui Neill, and I rose, prepared to leave Cassan there and walk in under the power of my position, however, Guillaume broke speed records (and several people’s toes) getting to me to escort me in, where I accepted TRM’s appointment as Regent.

After court, we went back to the field to watch the fighting. The temperature was just perfect, and I had a lovely seat to see the tourney. To our right under the Nottinghill shade, were Sir Janos and Mistress Rachel, and we had many visitors. I had prepared a bit too much lunch for just us, so we shared with Janos, Rachel, Sinclair, and any takers who wandered by.

Since TRM’s had not done mass fealty oaths in court, I tried several times to catch them both sitting in state to offer mine. However, as it became more and more evident this was not to be, I finally decided to give my oath to His Majesty alone, and Guillaume escorted me across the field to do so. At the end of my oath, His Majesty swept me up in a big hug, and my coronet tumbled from my head. Turning on its side, it rolled just like the gingerbread man, right through the heavy tourney! One of the marshals snatched it up before it was crushed by one of the fighters and it was returned to me none the worse.

Evening court was held in an amphitheater in front of a lake, and the view was spectacular. We also had the pleasure of watching an adorable little boy, playing in the back of court. Corvus giggled with his antics, which probably relieved the young mother’s concerns about her son disturbing others.

After court, Guillaume and Rowen were fortunate to learn that they were to be the next Baron and Baroness of Hidden Mountain! Much rejoicing, both in the decision and the relief that the wait was over, ensued.

Then, we did what Corvus does best! We went out to eat! Eldred said that the seafood wasn’t that great, but I had a wonderful filet and was completely contented when we returned to the beach house.

After another late night talking, I awoke very early and went to the beach alone, to spend some time alone with God. While there, I watched pelicans fishing in the surf and saw two dolphins pass by. It was incredibly beautiful and peaceful... Alessandra joined me briefly and found her name still written in the sand from Friday!

I returned to the house and we packed up and out, and headed home. Alessandra and I took a few strange turns, but still made it back on our way and chattered and chirped the whole way home. Just the way it should be, when Corvus goes on the road... --RHIANNON

Corvus Calendar

MAY 2004
1st - Atlantia: Crown Tourney.
9th - Antonia’s birthday.
10th - Thorgrimr's birthday.
10th - Anne Marie's birthday.
12th - Alys’s birthday.
15th - Helfdane’s birthday.
15th - Atlantia: Feast of St. Isadore in Falcon Cree (Blacksburg, SC).
15th - Middle: Coronation in Chicago, IL.
18th - Cassan’s birthday.
28th - 31st - Caid: Potrero War in Calafia.
29th - Trimaris: Coronation.
29th - Atlantia: CORVUS GATHERING!
30th - Ansteorra: Crown Tournament.

JUNE 2004
4th - Rowen’s birthday.
5th - Atlantia: Kingdom University in Falcon Cree (Fountain Inn, SC).
12th - Ansteorra: Winter Collegium in Westgate (Houston, TX).
12th - Atlantia: Wastelands in Hindscroft (Pleasant Garden, NC).
12th - Atlantia: Warrior’s Games in Tear Sea’s Shore (Harleyville, SC).
19th - Atlantia: Baronial Investiture in Hawkwood (Asheville, SC).
25th - Joseph’s birthday.
26th - Krystyne’s birthday.
30th - Alessandra’s birthday.

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