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First Word

Chutzpah! That's the stuff that separates House Corvus people from the pack! Well, it took many, many years but Lord Cassan is graduating from Davidson College on May 17th! I know it's been a long haul and, at times, it's has been excruciating. But I'm proud that, despite several years off, you stuck it out, did what it took, and earned that Davidson degree. I don't know of any former Dhais who left Davidson intending to return and graduate who actually ever achieved that goal. Congratulations, Matt! You're a good man! -- BRAN TREFONNEN

Household Feast Gear

Lady Rhiannon Ui Niall has put together a beautiful set of household feast gear which contains a dozen place settings. This is for use whenever we go to events and decide to stay on-board and would like to present a matching table setting at feast. The gear is for everyone in the household who decides to sit together!

It is important, however, that Lady Rhiannon know just how many members of House Corvus will be attending any given event. While she is more than willing to be the caretaker of the household feast gear (Thanks, Rhiannon!), she doesn't want to haul all twelve place settings around to every event she attends.

From now on, she will be posting the events which she will be attending on the House Corvus website. If you are planning on attending the same event and are on-board, please let her know so she can be sure to have the necessary feast gear.

Pennsic Preparations

Unto my brothers and sisters of the mighty House Corvus, does Rhiannon send greetings!

Enclosed with issue of The Raven Roundtable you will find a Pennsic pre-registration form. We must have everyone staying in camp pre-registered in order to get enough space for all, since land allotment is done by the number of people pre-registered. Anyone not staying on site who can pre-register so we can have the land would be appreciated.

You will note that the form states that it must be received by the Land Office by June 1st. I would prefer that all forms be sent in by May 15th at the absolute latest to insure no postal delays. When you send in your form, please send me a copy too as confirmation.

I have ordered the tent for our shower and will soon purchase the hot-water heater. Bran and Oshi are in charge of plumbing accouterments, torches and our gate. Sine is going to prepare banners and perimeter flags. So far, we have a period encampment and it looks like we will finally have the camp we've all dreamed of for years; clean, fun and very medieval! We are planning on having croquet, bocce and various other activities for entertainment.

Our camp fees have not yet been determined. I am leaning towards possibly $4.00 per person/per day to cover wood, plumbing, propane and other necessities (hot chocolate?). Is this amount enough to cover our needs? I am willing to cough up the cost of the shower tent this year and water heater, so that doesn't have to be calculated in--

We will also need to decide how we plan to handle our evening meal plan this year and how much it will cost. I had originally thought we might divide up and each take a night to cook (covering the cost of the meal ourselves), so as to not burden one person (Bran) with the duty for the entire week. But we have a few merchants scheduled to stay with us and they would not be available to take an evening meal duty. Please let me know any ideas you might have on this subject. We need to make a decision about the meal plan and camp fees by July 1st, so we can do our scheduling and collect fees. -- RHIANNON UI NIALL

House Corvus Website

The House Corvus website is up and running at...

Stop on by and feel free to expound, correct, comment, or add on to (especially your personal pages)! Don't like your photo (or don't have one)? Well, send me a better one and I'll scan it in for you! I'm especially hoping everyone will get their personal page info filled out soon. Fun stuff!

Ursa Majoris

So, just who are these Black Bear people anyway? Well, I'll tell ya! Way back when, when Lady Medb Renata moved to Minnesota, it was very important to her and me that she not lose her connection to our household. At the same time, it was equally important that she make new friends and establish an S.C.A. life of her own in her new locale.

Of course, that's back when I was Keeper of Clann Daibhidh and could pretty much do whatever I wanted (S.C.A.-wise). So, together, along with other people, we formed septs of Clann Daibhidh based on various animal spirit forms (I'll be impressed if anyone can still name them all. One hint: there were seven). Since Lady Medb's spirit form was The Bear, Sept Black Bear became her own, personal sub-group of the Dhais in Minnesota. Since I had (as I still do) complete faith in her judgment, she had complete autonomy to induct people into the household at her discretion.

As happens in the S.C.A., her sept, like my own Raven Sept (hey, another hint!), experienced various highs and lows and finally, of course, Lady Medb had to move to California.

Since our reorganization into House Corvus, Lady Medb has been working to re-establish regular contact with our Black Bear members and re-inculcate them into the mainstream Household. Thus far, Lord Otto has resurfaced big time and is even working on setting up on-line bios for the other Black Bear members!

I'm hoping that our website and The Raven Roundtable will prove instrumental in helping to achieve a closer, more dynamic relationship for between all of our household members regardless of geographic location.

On behalf of all of the other House Corvus members on the East Coast, I'd like to say to our Midwest and West Coast members -- "WELCOME HOME!"

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