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First Word

Well, weíve safely made it in to a new year! And, already, it promises to be a busy one for Corvus. Typical, I know!

I try so hard to make it up to events in Sacred Stone that I have to laugh when I look over the pending calendar. In the two and a half years that Iíve lived in Charleston, Iíve managed most Sacred Stone events with only a few exceptions. Thatís in addition to making every effort to attend the events here in my own barony. Yet, so far as I can tell, thereís a new programming strategy at work in my former barony. Every time thereís an event in Hidden Mountain, letís do an event in Sacred Stone!

Obviously, this is mere coincidence, but it does seem to be happening again and again. Rest assured that Iím not cutting down on my trips to Sacred Stone (or anywhere else) intentionally. But, I feel that it is important that I be supporting the events here in Hidden Mountain as well. One of the main things that I find separates House Corvus from many households is our fierce dedication to our local branches. I encourage and applaud that. Sometimes, it just makes it so that I canít make your local events as Iím supporting my own.

I know you all can empathize and I appreciate your understanding. Certainly, none of us get to travel and see our brothers and sisters as often as weíd like.

Of course, that one of the main reasons weíll be having our House Corvus getaway in March. While the Winter may have been a bit lean for us all getting together, the Spring promises some joyous gatherings! Between Gulf Wars and the Corvus Weekend, Iím hoping to catch up with as many Corvites as possible.

While McKenzie arrived earlier than anyone expected, I strongly suspect that it was just so she could attend the Feast of Saint Andrew, which I autocratted in December. The event was a hoot and I had so much fun, I canít tell you! I especially loved the bagpipers and the kidís tin can band.

Of course, it was such a treat to have the Queen and good friend Aryanna come down for the event. More than though was the fact that Cassan was visiting for a few days and managed to make it to the event. What an incredible help he was and Iím so very grateful for his work in the kitchen all day. That is, when he wasnít outside running some activity for me. What a Godsend, I must say! I donít know what I would have done without him. Thanks again, Matt.

The highlight of Court simply had to be when Krystyne brought a two-week old McKenzie before the thrones when they called for everyone for whom this was their first event (a lingering tradition I started when still Baron of Sacred Stone, Iím happy to say!). I smiled for the next ten minutes. If only Aire Fauconís Winter Solstice hadnít been the same day. See what I mean? Ugh! --BRAN

Birth of a Corvite

At 3:18pm, on Saturday the 24th of November, Mckenzie Gaw Petersen decided she had waited long enough and decided to grace us with her presence.

She weighed in at 7 lbs 9 oz and was 19 and 1/2 inches long. Both baby and mother are doing fine.

Christine went into labor late Friday night. She went to the hospital early Saturday morning for a labor check and was sent home until her water broke. At about 1:15 her water broke and she was 2cm dilated. Less than 2 hours later she was fully dilated (no time for pain medicine) and Mackenzie was born.

Thankfully, my boat was in port in Cape Canaveral Florida and my command let me come home. After a 7 hour drive, I got to the hospital at 8pm and surprised Christine by wheeling Mackenzie into the room from the nursery. The hospital kept Christine one more night and discharged her the next morning. Now the fun part begins, raising a daughter. --MICHAEL

Krystyne and Michael hold the newborn Mackenzie Gaw Petersen.

For Your Consideration

I spent the day with Krystyne, McKenzie, and Michael Oí the other day and brought up a couple of people here in Hidden Mountain for consideration as potential members of House Corvus. While I feel that these two are some time away from induction, I wanted to bring them up so youíd have the opportunity to keep an eye on them over the coming months.

Candidate 1 - Comments omitted from online version.
Candidate 2 - Comments omitted from online version.

Corvus Weekend

Plans are shaping up for the Corvus Weekend the last weekend in March (thatís Easter weekend). Itíll be somewhere in SC and Iím working to make it as inexpensive on everyone as possible. In fact, itíll likely be like a small event with similar expenses. I had hoped to use Camp Juniper but it was already booked. Iím considering some other options. Iíll make sure itís equally inconvenient to us all though!

Think of this as a mini-event (complete with garb) whereat we can focus on getting to know each other better and pursue specific interests. We can also work on mutual projects like the rose window, chapel, weaving, etc. I also plan on a fighter practice with special instructors. Iíll keep you posted on that.

Just what are your thoughts on the idea of including non-Corvus people? We had discussed this when we first brought up the idea of a weekend getaway. Thorgrimmr and Anne-Marie are invited. Iíd also like to think about inviting some other FYC candidates. Weíd always included guests like the Bellatrixes and Iíd like to expand this into more of a Corvus and Friends gathering. Along those lines, think of people you think we should invite and let me know so we can do that in a timely fashion.

Pump Up The Volume

Youíll notice on the Corvus calendar that Iíve scheduled monthly visits to Trimaris. The last (or fourth) weekend of every month, Iíll be traveling to Orlando to train with Duke Baldar. This also affords me the opportunity to visit my grandmother each month.

Maintaining this schedule will require some understanding and support from everyone in the Household. Donít be upset when I have to miss some event because itís on a conflicting weekend. Iíve really wanted to do this for some time and 2002 is the year Iím finally getting off my ass and doing it.

Of course, anyone who wants to join me is welcome! I can put up people at grandmomís house and we can also hook up with the Trimarian Corvites while weíre there. I know that Iím looking forward to learning some metal casting with Giuseppe when Iím there in February. Itís about a six and a half hour drive from Charleston and Iíll be leaving on Fridays around noon. Anyone who wants to come down on Thursday night or Friday morning and take off with me, just let me know and weíll have a little road trip!

Corvus Calendar

5th - Atlantian Twelfth Night in Dun Carraig.
9th - Adelizaía birthday.
12th - Holiday Revel in Nottinghill Coill.
12th - Winter Art/Sci in Trimaris.
19th - Manannan Mac Lir in Hidden Mountain.
19th - All for One in Sacred Stone.
26th - Foolís 12th Night in Crois Brigte.
26th - Bran in Orlando.

2nd - Atlantian University in Berley Cort.
9th - Tourney of Ymir in Windmasterís Hill.
11th - Oshiís birthday.
13th - Bran in London for ALFS.
16th - Trimarian Crown Tourney in Darkwater.
20th - Isoldeís birthday.
23rd - Bran in Orlando.
28th - Georgeís birthday.

From the Journal of Saint Andrew Scotus...

as translated by Bran Trefonnen

Part X.

Grand and glorious new morn,
Fiery tendrils ignite,
Soul, sky, and faded glory,
All renewed by daylight.

This luminous horizon,
Bright backdrop to working man,
Off to find daily bounty;
Oceanic artisan.

Setting sail to harvest souls,
Strange net to catch such treasure,
Words themselves may entangle,
Mix mundane with divine pleasure.

Devious men slip through,
See the world in selfish terms,
Sightless amongst miracles,
ĎTil they too are food for worms.

But labor begets honor,
Sweat flowing like blood from thorns,
Mingling mortal sacrifice,
ĎTil something holy adorns.

Heave hard, oh Fishers of Men!
Rage against the dwindling day,
Yield not to wearying limb,
Slack your grip and purpose betray.

Stay the course, noble brothers,
Draw the net ever nearer,
Though some seas be against us,
Our catch was never dearer.

From the Journal of Saint Andrew Scotus...

as translated by Bran Trefonnen

From the Journal of Saint Andrew Scotus, Epilogue.  Copyright ©2002 Scot W. Myers


Gentle pages of my heart,
Bound up for posterity,
Record of my wandering,
Slowly gaining clarity.

This restless year spent searching,
Anxiously hoping to find,
Some blessíd communion of men;
Brothers and sisters in kind.

And through these many travels,
With eyes so ready to see,
I find myself with blinders,
And bookish hyperbole.

I sought the Hidden Mountain;
Mythic land of perfection,
Realm peopled with the divine,
Flawless Christian confection.

Instead, I saw the real world,
Tarnished, yet glorious still,
Filled with all manner of folk,
Though each reflecting Your Will.

This mountain I thought hidden,
Guarded by angels and men,
A place the holy could find,
Just beyond our human ken.

How wrong can a person be?
Grasp part but never the whole;
The Hidden Mountain resides,
In each and every soul.

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