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First Word

For a while there, I wasn’t sure we’d all make it through this month! It seemed as if everyone’s calendar for May was just incredibly busy. I’m happy to report though, that we all not only managed to weather our respective obligations, but we even had some fun while doing it.

Kicking off my rounds this month was Atlantia’s Crown Tournament which I co-autocratted. While it was a unique experience for me and one not to be repeated, the event went off perfectly. I’m happy to say that many, many people in House Corvus had a large part to do with that!

Ealdthryth handled the reservations for the event and ran Troll. Oshi, Signy, and Sine did their usual kickass job handling feast for the event. Rhiannon coordinated all of the servers which included Alys, William, Una, Alriker, and me. Eldred worked incredibly hard on the heraldry for the awesome List Tree for the event. And Alys and Una did a simply remarkable job on Oshi’s vigil hospitality tent. I really want to give a special thank-you to Alys, Una, and Mishko for all of their work. I only gave them about two weeks notice and the job they did was nothing less than spectacular. We all wanted Oshi to have a special day even with his brief vigil and Alys, Una, and Mishko went to extraordinary extremes to pull out all the stops. Incredible job, folks!

It was so exciting to have Alriker fighting for Rhiannon in the Tournament. They did House Corvus proud and made it to the quarter finals! It was very cool to have such a nice showing in the Tournament and we’ll have to be sure and help Alriker train during the next few months to help him better prepare for his next foray. I’d also like for us to have a better support system in place by the next Crown so that any House Corvus fighter embarking on a quest for Crown will have everything to help enhance his efforts. A nice place to rest and be properly hydrated would certainly be tops amongst those concerns! Actually being able to properly support Crown contenders is something we’ll have to start seriously thinking about and planning for.

During the next two weeks, three Corvites had birthdays (including Cassan’s big 3-0) which was the perfect segue in to Hidden Mountain’s Baronial Birthday which I autocratted for the barony.

Oshi stepped in as my last minute MoL replacement and Sine really helped hold the fort down at Troll. Along with Michael O’ and Krystyne, I think we pulled off something special given our financial limitations. With major events back-to-back like this and so many people from Hidden Mountain spent on Crown, I wanted this to be more low key and actually expected far less attendance. So, I tried to keep it pretty simple so that the barony could still make some money off of the event.

Well, let me tell you, the list field that THL Ranulf set-up for the Passage of Arms was anything but low key. He made a beautiful list and all of the champion contenders processed and were presented to Their Excellencies prior to the tourney. It was a lovely experience (although stiflingly hot). I won the competition for Baronial Bard for another year which was way cool and received the barony’s service award, the Sable Mountain. As if being acknowledged by Their Excellencies wasn’t cool enough, what made this award so extra special for me was the scroll done by Lady Brigh and Lady Sithmaith. The reason being: Sithmaith (pronounced, see-vah) is a regular at my monthly scribal class and has been producing beautiful work. While not a calligrapher, she does amazing illuminations and together we did Oshi’s Pelican scroll. I’m such a huge fan of her work that I really wanted something done by her. And now I have something! It’s really quite wonderful. We got out of the site in record time on Sunday and Oshi, Sine, Michael O’, Krystyne, and I all went out to lunch before heading back to our respective homes.

The following Thursday, Robert and I were truly disappointed that we couldn’t make it up to Winston-Salem to watch Signy graduate from high School. I had previously set-up a meeting with the Birthday staff to debrief after the event and complete all of the paperwork. But at eight o’clock, while I was signing exchequer reports, Susan Leslie Terry and her fellow members of the senior class of Mount Tabor High School were receiving their diplomas! I would have given anything to have been there and I’m hoping that Oshi and Sine took pictures which I can post in the Gallery of our website so we can all share in her special day, if only vicariously!

I did get to see her cool “pocket diploma” the following Saturday at the Corvus pre-Pennsic work weekend we held at Alys and William’s house in Gastonia. Robert and I drove up and we worked on another set of benches for the Pennsic encampment along with other projects. We all ate at our traditional post-King’s Mountain event restaurant, the Western Sizzlin there at Exit 17. What great service we got after Oshi put the fear of, well, Oshi in to the manager!

While many Atlantian Corvites are gearing up for the next session of Kingdom University, I find myself battling several professional deadlines. Still, there’s been some great discussion on the Corvus list regarding some of our considered inductions for this year.

I can’t stress enough how important it is that we share what's on our minds and do so freely. Like Giuseppe said, “Post!”

So much of what has been said on the list, especially Eldred and Adeliza’s comments have echoed many of my own thoughts and concerns. I do worry sometimes that we move too fast. And sometimes it seems like people go right from the For Your Consideration list into induction planning stage. That’s one of the reasons that I try to make sure that months and months go by between introductions on the FYC list to any actual inductions. Like Adeliza mentioned, this gives us the chance to make sure we've met people we're considering and feel them out for ourselves as individuals.

Unfortunately, our schedules frequently preclude everyone having the chance to get to know candidates as well as they would like. Like Adeliza said, this is where the trust comes in. But it's not just about my own judgment, but also yours-- each and every one of you. I truly do trust your insights. It's the reason that, so far, I've never inducted anyone into House Corvus that any one of us had reasons against. You people, the ones in House Corvus are the most important people to consider-- not potential members. It's imperative that I feel candidates will only add to what we've built here together and not detract.

Sometimes though, I simply go on faith. My faith in each of you. It’s like I said on the list. Do I know all of the FYC candidates well? No. but, over the past few months, I’ve tried to have conversations with (and about) each of these folk. I've made sure to at least watch them at events, even if I couldn't speak to them and (weird as it sounds) get a "vibe." And, while I may hesitate here and there, what I end up doing is reminding myself of who supports various inductions.

So, while I may not know a specific candidate for House Corvus as well as I'd like, when I see the anxiousness, enthusiasm, and genuine confidence that others have regarding a proposed membership, I KNOW that they’re a good choice. My faith in you justifies my faith in them.

When I have trepidations, I make it a point to sit down and talk about those concerns. And again, while I may not know certain FYC candidates on a personal level as much as I would like (or will eventually), my faith in other Corvus members is absolute. Sometimes, there are people you recommend that you have taken the time to know on levels I have yet to achieve. But if you say they’re Corvus, then I’m usually willing to say they are as well. And, of course, if I have reasons not to induct anyone, I’d share those.

In many cases, for the majority of the Household, brief encounters at events are all we get to base our opinions about potential household members. Hopefully, though, even these small glimpses allow us to share in the impression that other Corvites must have received before they brought someone up for consideration.

Eldred was kind enough to remind me that I have the ultimate "veto power." But each of you has it as well, you know? Many names have come up under the FYC header in the RoundTable and a single conversation or e-mail from just one of you has made me never mention them again. But the converse is also true. There are members of House Corvus that I've inducted because a single voice convinced me they were made of our stuff.

We all have our own, unique Corvus recollections as to how, why, and when we joined together. Your own inclusion in House Corvus probably came at the vigorous sponsorship of another member. And while I may sometimes make mistakes with some of my choices, I don't think we’ve erred since using For Your Consideration.

I'll confess, though, that one of my greatest joys has been getting to know you all individually. Yes, sometimes even AFTER your inductions in to House Corvus. So, even when we have what might best be referred to as a "leap of faith" induction, it's wonderful to see how that faith is always justified over the fullness of time. It confirms what I actually never doubt... that each of you does indeed "get it."

Because I am sometimes a very emotional (dare I say, impulsive) man, I do rely heavily upon your counsel to help me keep a clear perspective. The concern I most have, and I know some share, is that we have four possible inductions proposed for this year. That puts a lot of people in to Corvus at one time and it'll be an effort to get to know them all on a level that is as deep and comfortable as the rapport I feel we all now share. But that's also very exciting to me! And I hope to you as well. Certainly, I know we’re up to the challenge!

Always remember, though, that I will pause or stop any proposed induction if anyone feels my decisions to do so have been hastily or ill-considered. But, sometimes, I really am sure that I really am making the right decision whether it to be to induct or not induct. I hope you’ll give me the benefit of the doubt (but always express those doubts to me, please!).

It’s been very gratifying to see that you all take these inductions so seriously. I certainly do. Right now, I feel good about the proposed inductions for ’01, mostly because all of the discourse on the Corvus list has forced to really, really think about all of my feelings on them. I'm grateful for that alone. Frankly, I’m genuinely excited over where we are and where were going these days. I’m confident that these FYC candidates will help us get there and benefit from us along the way as well. --BRAN

Rhiannon at Crown

The following Corvites attended Atlantian Spring Crown: Bran, Rhiannon, Oshi, Sine, Signy, Eldred, Ealdthryth, Alriker, Alexander, Una, Alys, and William. Also in attendance with us were Krystyne McGowan and Michael O’Comhdhain. Corvus was split up into groups of 2-3 and busy at nearly every activity. We were literally everywhere!

First thing Saturday, TRM, Havordh and Mary-Grace opened a court and brought Oshi in and put him on vigil. I walked down to the vigil, and was told on the way that Alriker had arrived and had been sent to the field. So, as soon as I got a chance, I took back off for the field. (BTW, Alys and Una's hospitality tent was incredible! It was done with Japanese decorations and they even wore Corvus kimonos!)

Back at the field, after meeting up with Alriker and signing in, I went to the consort's breakfast and ate period food (sigh). Sine stood outside the pavilion and made faces at me, because she was amused at my having to sit there and make small talk with all of the other consorts.

Then it was time to make our way to the Tourney Processional. We lined up with Signy in front carrying a spear with the blue Corvus war banner hanging from it. Then, Eldred and Michael O’ marched behind her wearing Corvus tabards and carrying swords, followed by Alriker and me, with Sine bringing up the rear. Our names were called and we approached the Crown. As we got close, Signy stepped to one side, Eldred and Michael O’ parted and turned inwards and Alriker and I sailed between them and up to the Crown. I heard several people around the field exclaim, "Oh, cool!" when we performed our little ceremonial dance. Alriker did really well, making it into the quarter finals!

For Court, we assembled our next processional for Oshi’s elevation into the Order of the Pelican. Oshi led, with Eldred and Michael O’ following in chain mail shirts and carrying spears with the Corvus war banners. Alriker and Emer's son, Daniel were next in Corvus tabards and carrying swords. The ladies of the House followed, carrying the accoutrements of a Peer. Bran, Mistress Susan, and I were all wearing our matching Pelican cloaks, which also matched the one Bran had made for Oshi.

Finally, we went to serve feast. And when they called Oshi out to thank him and his staff for cooking, not only did the crowd chant his name, but they gave him a standing ovation! It was way cool! --RHIANNON

From the Journal of Saint Andrew Scotus...

as translated by Bran Trefonnen

From the Journal of Saint Andrew Scotus, Part V.  Copyright ©2001 Scot W. Myers

Part V.

Word has come from Ellendun,
King Beornwulf has lost the day;
Mercian supremacy,
Shattered in the Saxon fray.

Too hard to maintain such lands,
As Cenwulf had massed in war,
So his death marked the passing
Of all that had gone before.

But, only a few short years
‘Tween death of man and realm’s end;
What bitter loss for Beornwulf,
What a tragedy for men.

Spend a lifetime battling
For hardly a few years peace;
What monument will endure
To record Egbert’s increase?

Yet, in time, West Saxon kings,
Soft in their stately repose,
Will conjure this victory,
In their song, story, and prose.

Historical vanity,
Claims to manifest reward,
Liberties of the mighty,
Invocation of our Lord.

What stunted souls know such joy,
Where kills define a man’s worth?
Still, giants walk amongst them--
Hidden mountains on this earth.

Corvus Calendar

1st - Pennsic pre-reg fees due.
5th - Atlantian Spring Crown Tournament.
9th - Antonia’s birthday.
12th - Alys’s birthday.
18th - Cassan’s birthday.
19th - Hidden Mountain’s Baronial Birthday.
24th - Signy graduates from high school!
26th - Atlantian 20 Year Celebration.
26th - Pre-Pennsic work day in Gastonia.

2nd - Atlantian University.
4th - Rowan’s birthday!
9th - Hindscroft’s Wastelands Tourney.
9th - Bran at convention in CLT.
16th - Tear-Sea’s Shore’s Warrior’s Games.
23rd - Bran’s beach weekend.
25th - Joseph’s birthday!
29th - Robert’s Step 1 Exams.
30th - Sacred Stone’s In a Phoenix’ Eye.

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