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First Word

I’ve had this issue of the Roundtable sitting in my computer for weeks now! I figured I’d better get it out before I lose too much ground and the information in it completely outdated. The article on Isabella’s protégé ceremony was culled from the House Corvus list. But not everyone gets the list and I wanted everyone to share in her special day. For so long we anticipated Isabella’s joining House Corvus that I didn’t want anyone to miss out on what had happened.

We’ve all been so busy the past month, it’s amazing! Of course, that’s nothing unusual for us, but it still shocks me sometimes. You can tell that Spring is in the air. With the advent of Gulf Wars, House Corvus goes into full event mode with our calendar stacking up and our responsibilities throwing us in to high gear. The service each of you renders to your home groups is invaluable! Thank you for taking on the tasks that so many others shirk. I don’t know what would happen if we suddenly vanished from the face of the SCA! Fortunately, we’ll never have to find out!

Gulf Wars was everything it could have been with all of our traditional activities revisited and a host of new adventures waiting to greet us! Of course, we had out usual forays into New Orleans. But even those brought new sites. Every year we try out some new things in the city and every year I’m convinced I couldn’t love New Orleans more! Even sampling its pleasures in the pouring rain one afternoon did little to dampen our enthusiasm. The same certainly couldn’t be said for our clothes though. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been so thoroughly soaked. It was literally as if I had jumped into a pool fully clothed and then walked around for an hour. Still, a small price to pay for the joy that visiting there gives us.

Mistress Rhiannon, Lord Robert, THL Rowen, Lord Alriker, Baron Peter, and I made up the House Corvus contingent this year and I think we represented the Household well. Joining us were Lord Michael, Lady Krystyne, Baron Norton, Baroness Mystylla, Lady Marryn, Lord Menua, and Baroness Deirdre, and the lovely Anne, of course. While I missed seeing so many of you there (and you’ll get there eventually!), I’ll confess that this company made for an excellent fellowship.

Adding to the overwhelming spirit of camaraderie, House Asgard of Trimaris showed us such hospitality and kindness at the event that it was daunting. Twice we were invited out to Duke Baldar’s condo as the Asgardians’ guests. The first time we were treated to a squiring ceremony that was oh-so very special. Let’s just say that nudity was involved! And the second time we were asked out for dinner. What a treat! I especially enjoyed kicking back for a few hours while we were regaled with colorful stories of various people’s SCA pasts. It’s oddly reassuring to know that people far more successful than me in the SCA have shared so many of my own misadventures and faux pas. Of course, their stories have their own unique twists, but so often, you can recognize a kernel of familiarity. I guess that’s one of the reasons House Corvus gets along so well with Asgard. We’ve all broken a few eggs to make this wonderful omelet we call the SCA. Thank God we can learn from each other’s mistakes and take comfort in the fact that we’re not alone. That goes for our failures as well as our triumphs, of course.

The hospitality that Asgard afforded us continued right on to the battlefield where we were invited to fight alongside their forces. Five of us donned house Corvus livery (a first on the field actually!) and took our place amongst some of Trimaris’ elite. It was a heady experience, I’ll tell you!

We were given opportunities that we’ve never been afforded fighting with Atlantia including command of our own siege ramp during the Fort Battle! Talk about a mixed blessing. I was so excited but also horrifically nervous. But the respect, encouragement, and esprit du corps that His Grace engenders is palpable. He expressed so much faith in our abilities on the field that it was almost embarrassing. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so welcome on the field and in an army’s company. With Atlantia and Trimaris fighting on the same side for the first time ever, it was a glorious opportunity to still fight with Atlantia but under a different command. I’m so glad we took advantage of Baldar’s invitation! And I think we justified his faith in each of us.

We fought in the Verangian shield wall unit Baldar is creating during the battles and it hearkened back to the glory days of Sacred Stone when the baronial shield wall was the crux of many Atlantian battles. You may recall that when I fought with His Grace at Panhandle Skirmishes earlier this year, he asked me to use his personal war shield, which you know I’ve done nothing but rave about since. Imagine my surprise when our own Rowen presented me with my very own war shield, which she had personally acid etched with my device and the House Corvus badge! It just made my event. Not only was I fighting along side knights whom I truly admired-- not only was I fighting in our own House Corvus unit-- but to have a such a shield! How could I not be victorious when armored with such love? --BRAN

Isabella’s Protégé Day

Last Saturday [2/24] I became Rhiannon's protégé. I arrived at the event about 5 minutes before I had said I would work troll. I decided to work troll prior to the event so that I could sit down. I'm serious. When I am at an event in Bright Hills, I rarely sit down. I walked in, got a big hug from Rhiannon and Anna (it was so amazing to meet her). And then was accosted by several other people as I tried to pay my way in, change, and get to troll. Her Excellency, Baroness Ekaterina gave me a heads up that the baronial herald was not yet present and so that I may be needed to do baronial court.

I changed in a bathroom that was hotter than a dorm room heated by an old radiator. I sat troll for 2 hours during which time Anna came over to do her big sister duties and make sure I had my oath ready. I had tried to get some advice on what to say to Rhiannon but the two people I asked must have been very busy, so I decided that in all fairness as I am still Tristan's apprentice that I could not promise Rhiannon more than I had promised Tristan. I told this to Anna and told her what I thought I would say. She said it sounded okay to her.

The autocrat informed me that Her Highness had asked for her to find a herald for her to use. Dani "naturally" decided that I would do royal court as well as baronial if needed simply because in her opinion that made sense. (The fact that aside from Rhiannon and me there were at least four other heralds present didn't bother her). I mentioned this to Rhiannon and the fact that Rodrigo liked to do court and rarely got a chance to do it. According to Rodrigo, he was told by Rhiannon to report to Mary Grace to do her court. Luckily Pedro told me this and I made sure it was okay with Dani to change her plans and all was well.

Pedro's wife Devorah graciously got Amy and me lunch while we sat troll. I have to admit I was amazed at how many people came up to see me specifically. I realized I had been away from the barony for quite some time due to school but not so long that I didn't get to spend as much time with Rhiannon and Anna as I wanted.

Done with troll, I was grabbed by Brendan, Castellan of Spiaggia because he wanted to dance a Carolingian Pavanne. He frequently gets me to dance with him if he is unsure of the dance because I used to be Bright Hill's dance teacher many years ago. Now Lord Simon really loves to dance and my knees and ankles don't like it excessively anymore, so it makes sense. And even though Simon teaches different versions of some dances, Carolingian isn't one of them so we were fine. I then walked over to get more water (agua amica tua est boss) and found myself being informed by Melisant that I "had to" take over the herald's table as she was going to dance with Pedro and therefore there would be no heralds to watch the books. I had a vested interest in the books as I seem to be one of two northern heralds who have a copy of Diez Melcon and so I didn't want it going anywhere. Baroness Rowan of Stierbach sang "Sisters" at me again (she is Tristan's new apprentice so every time she sees me it's "Sisters"). Avanasiia sat with me so I wasn' t alone. I made sure to show off Kaitlyn to Rhiannon and Anna (my adopted niece just got straight A's). Finally I was able to go and talk to Rhiannon! (I missed the merchants almost in their entirety. I saw Lady Megan and saw Thyra but didn't get to examine her trim - she sells in the north for Master Andrixous and so normally has great prices and gives me "Thyra yards.") So I found out how the ceremony would be. She explained it very well. By then I was in fact feeling about ready to faint. If Anna and Rhiannon couldn't tell that, then I guess my students can't either.

The hall darkened. Melisant was baronial herald (hard to hear beyond the first few rows but distinct and clear) and Rodrigo was happily serving as royal herald. Few baronial awards. Then Rhiannon gets called in. She gives a gift to Mary Grace and a gift to Ekaterina. She then asked Ekaterina if she recalled their conversations about Rhiannon's taking a protégé from among Ekaterina's barony. Ekaterina said she did.

Then there were some more words that I don't recall too well as my mind started racing onto "do I know what I am going to say?" I held Tristan's hand - he still was making sure that day that I wanted to be in fealty to both him and Rhiannon (he is afraid I will overdo it). I had Avanasiia leaning forward to hold my back and Devorah sitting next to me.

I was called into court and Tristan escorted me into it. I bowed before the pointy hats. I kneeled before Rhiannon and placed my hands hopefully in the right place. She asked me if I still wanted to be her protégé and I heard myself saying that I did so long as my Laurel approved (why I threw that in there at the last minute I am not sure of but I am glad that I did if only so the barony knew that Tristan thought it was okay - he is going to be the new baron and some people might be concerned). Tristan said he did. She asked me for my oath.

I told her what I told Tristan. That I would do my best to learn from her. To do my best to act as a peer. To do my best to serve her and her household and the SCA and Atlantia. To always try to act with courtesy and chivalry towards everyone even if I didn't want to (and this will be hard for me as I am not known for not showing my feelings well). To tell her no if I absolutely could not do something (Tristan had made me promise this to him that very day).

Rhiannon gave me her oath. I remember telling myself to breathe. I remember yelling at myself in my head "Why didn't you wear waterproof mascara??????" I had to force myself not to cry. And then it was done. I was Rhiannon's protégé and my life was now intertwined with one of the people I love most in this world. We walked out of court and I walked into a different life so it felt.

Tristan has me doing his baldrics for his retainers. Hand-sewn of course - I don't get along with sewing machines and hand-embroidered. He had originally asked for 4 by April. In response to the promise I made him and Rhiannon I told him I could do two but not four. He then said okay and upped his order to six. Court ended and I got to be introduced into the Corvus circle.

We ate dinner at a Ruby Tuesday's so that we could make sure Rhiannon got her meat. All four of us - Rhiannon, Anna, Rob (whose SCA name is just not sticking in my head for some reason) and me - got red meat of some variety.

We went back to the hotel room and let me tell you that Rhiannon is not exaggerating when she talks of the floors. On my way home, I pressed for the elevator and had to wait for it for a while. Then I got in and pressed "G" and it closed. And then opened. And then closed again. And then opened. And then closed. Each time it started to close I expected to see a hand reach in and I knew if it did I would scream bloody murder. I have seen too many movies.

I don't have a journal yet for my protégé project but I want to find one soon. I regret that this week has been so busy mundanely that I haven't even looked. Hugs to all, --ISABELLA

Come In To My Parlor

I noticed when Oshi sent me some updates for his web page on the House Corvus site that he had taken on a new kingdom office. No sooner did he move back to Winston-Salem then he became Atlantia’s new Web Minister!

Atlantia worked so hard in recent years to establish a very strong web presence. But it all sort of went into limbo over the past two quarters. I know that Oshi will be able to get Atlantia back up to speed. One only has to look at his work on the online Acorn, as well as numerous local pages, to see that Atlantia will regain its former e-glory! And other kingdom offices have already jumped on the bandwagon getting Oshi to revamp their own corners of the internet. Oshi’s been helping out with the Atlantian marshal’s page as well! It’ll be nice to have an updated roster.

Offices like this are often thankless tasks but crucial to a kingdom’s populace. When done properly, they can be invaluable sources of information. I know that Oshi is filled with ideas and inspiration for the Atlantian site.

From the Journal of Saint Andrew Scotus...

as translated by Bran Trefonnen

From the Journal of Saint Andrew Scotus, Part II.  Copyright ©2001 Scot W. Myers

Part II.

Ah, breathless, heady travel,
The thrill of being outside--
Soon we depart our Abby,
For it’s to the coast we ride!

Cloisters are sometimes prisons,
At least they can be to me;
Great towers of loneliness,
Despite holy company.

So too can men close their minds,
Make of them a locked thing--
Evil, such festering finds
And poisons both man and King.

I pray You, banish this sin--
Let all know Your clemency,
Temper divine discipline,
Let good people disagree.

Must every heart be the same?
Some limit to creation?
True, my life belongs to Thee,
Yet, still, I serve my nation.

My body and soul unite,
Opposite as night and day--
But between them there’s no fight,
No discord, nor disarray.

I look in to their eyes, Lord,
See bulwarks where roads should be;
No closer to the Mountain--
Hidden words shall set us free.

Corvus Calendar

1st - Pennsic XXX r.s.v.p.’s due back.
10th - Household Fighter Practice in Charleston.
11th - Leave for Gulf Wars X.
12th to 17th - Gulf Wars X.
20th - St. Cuthbert’s Day.
24th - Nottinghill Coill’s Baronial Birthday.
25th - Giuseppe’s birthday.
31st - Inn on the Road - Alys autocratting.
31st - Misty Marsh’s Marsh Madness.

1st - Pennsic XXX pre-reg and camp forms due.
7th - Atlantian Coronation.
14th - Bran’s D&D weekend.
19th - Ealdthryth’s birthday.
21st - William’s birthday.
21st - Crown Tourney Work Weekend at Bran’s.
25th - St. Mark’s Day.
28th - Sacred Stone’s Novice Tourney.
28th - Crown Tourney Work Weekend in Florence.

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