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First Word

Several years ago, I toyed with the notion of creating a household newsletter for House Corvus. It was at the height of the old Dhai/Bran schism, and I felt that a more personal newsletter might keep lines of communication open which others were attempting to close all around me. Though I did write a single issue of that newsletter, which I called The Raven Roundtable, the need for such a vehicle was blessedly short-lived.

Today, however, I think it's time that we resurrect the Roundtable. I do this for several reasons. The first and most important being, I sometimes feel out of touch with some household members and I know they feel the same way. Honestly, none of us call each other as much as we probably should (or could afford) and I am the worst offender. With Lady Medb in California; Lord Robert in Atlanta; Lady Sine, Oshi San, and Lady Susan in Winston-Salem; Ladies Rhiannon and Isolde in Asheville; Baroness Gwynwilf in Albemarle; we are separated by vast distances, yet still bound together in shared philosophy. I think it's time that we had an inexpensive (but still cool looking -- that's the second reason!) voice for that bond.

Third, we have several members who, for one reason or another, are not able to participate on the level which the rest of us try and maintain. That in no way diminishes their importance to our household, but can sometimes make them feel disconnected. A monthly piece of correspondence will serve to reinforce that connection.

To that end, I would like for anyone in House Corvus with news, ideas, or information to share with their housemates to send those items to me via e-mail or postal mail (Scot Myers, P.O. Box 2981, Davidson, NC 28036). I will, in turn, collate them and write up issues of the Roundtable on a pseudo-monthly basis.

Since virtually all of us have e-mail, I will send them electronically. For those without, and to some extent, for the sake of the written word, I will also print up a few hard copies like this one. This way, we're all sure to be (more or less) on the same wavelength. I hope this works. Obviously, if you think it's a goofy idea, please don't hesitate to let me know! -- BRAN

Pennsic Preparations

Lady Rhiannon Ui Niall is handling the preparations for a House Corvus invitation-only encampment this summer for Pennsic XXVII. The deadlines are moved up one month this year, so please contact Lady Rhiannon if you want to be a part of this camp no later than May 1, 1998. Also, no one will be allowed to stay in the camp if they are not pre-registered. If you need help pre-registering please contact Lady Rhiannon for a copy of the forms. If you are planning on attending Pennsic, but don't plan on staying on-site, also let Lady Rhiannon know. We need your land! [Beverly Curry, 18 Reynolds Road, Asheville, NC 28806; (704) 253-3115;].

Household Heraldry

I received a letter from the Nereid Herald, Tirloch of Tallaght, informing me that our second household badge has passed Kingdom and gone to Laurel. The new badge is: (Fieldless) Three ravens close conjoined in annulo argent. Households members will recognize this as being the same as our household medallions.

I prefer that we use this badge more commonly than our previously registered badge: (Fieldless) On an annulet sable, a sword proper. I'd like to limit the latter badge for our field livery, war shields, war banners, etc. The raven badge should be employed for more general use. Both badges are pictured below. Although registered fieldless, the sword badge is usually displayed on blue.

Household Medallions

New medallions have arrived for everyone in the household! I'll be including medallions with this issue of the Roundtable if you don't already have one.

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